California Excursion and Chain Restaurant Palooza

Late last Tuesday night my mom decided she and I needed to visit our relatives in Anaheim before summer school started and fall term arrived. She then booked two roundtrip tickets to Orange County airport and here we are!
Living in a hotel limits ones ability to cook and because catching up with family is all we are doing we are eating out and we are eating out often. I have attempted to document most meals (I have been so famished at times, that I remember I wanted a picture after everything is already eaten, woops…) and will slowly have short reviews about our experience when I have computer time.
A brief overview of our day:

Hotel yogurt parfait with fresh strawberries- Thumbs up
Mimi’s Cafe– Mediocre
California Pizza Kitchen– Mediocre
Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt– Thumbs up

California is lovely, but I am already burned! Tacoma has done nothing for my complexion and now my skin is overwhelmed by all the rays! Can’t win them all…To Be Continued

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