Restaurant Reviews 200 words or less! Part 1

I will keep it short and sweet! We spent Saturday afternoon-Tuesday morning in Orange County. During that time we had the chance to eat at 7 different dining establishments.

Sushi Ya-   La Palma, CA
Overall: A+

I am by no means a sushi connoisseur, but this was phenomenal sushi!
The most memorable meal of the weekend. Every person that entered the building was greeted by a chorus of  [insert Japanese greeting here]. That was merely the tip of the iceberg for their high quality service. We were given complimentary edamame because our meal would be delayed, but they were still quicker than countless other restaurants.

Service: A+

We ordered a UFO rollHawaiian Roll, Dragon Roll, and the Caterpillar Roll.

The fish was extremely fresh and they were generous with their avocado, very little filler was used. The UFO roll was a standout, the presentation and the combination of spicy and sweet flavors are a nice addition. A must try.

Food: A+

The inside of the restaurant had gorgeous wooden tables/booths and gave a modern feel to the restaurant. The option to sit at the sushi bar is also available . The place is suitable for both families and for business meetings.

Ambiance: A+

The restaurant is well maintained and clean, a must where raw fish is being consumed.

Cleanliness: A+

Mimi’s CafeGarden Grove, CA
Overall: B

This meal was not a standout, but for a Ruby Tuesday type restaurant the expectations were not high.

They are quick, attentive, and quick to correct their own mistakes.

Service: A

Our Veggie Burger and Pesto Pizza Strips  were shared for lunch.
The burger was nothing special, it tasted as though it came from the freezer section at the grocery store. The Pesto Pizza Strips were delicious (I considered hoarding it all for myself). It is a small plate meal and feeds one a light and satisfying lunch. The pesto was creamy and drizzled over the top the pizza and the cheese/marinara/pesto proportions were perfect.
I would order this again.

Food: Pesto=A, Burger= C

The restaurant decor is reminiscant of the 50s and is place that families with small children or meeting the grandparents is appropriate. Other age groups were represented but on a much smaller scale. The space between tables and the aisles could be made wider.

Ambiance: B

Cleanliness: Acceptable, A

*No pictures, I was too hungry to wait and forgot!


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