200 Words or Less- Part 2


California Pizza KitchenThe Garden Walk. Anaheim, CA
Overall: C

We were asked multiple times what we ate Sunday night and we could not even remember where we ate. This was a highly forgettable experience. (Maybe we should have ordered a pizza, since they are called the pizza kitchen)

– They were very accommodating for a wheel chair and sharing all entrees

Service: B

We started with the Mediterranean Hummus Plate, it’s featured as a small craving and I originally intended to order it as my meal.
The hummus was very thin and the flavor was flat. The Greek cucumber salad was tasty, but hardly enough to be shared by more than three.

The Portobello Mushroom Raviloli is worth ordering again. The tomato basil sauce was very light and fresh tasting, and the acidity of the tomatoes was minimal. The creamy cheese and portobello are the only memorable part of the meal.

The Roasted Veggie Salad is great value. The half size easily fed two of us with some left over. The vegetables included: avocado, corn, asparagus, bell pepper, Japanese eggplant,The sun dried tomato and Japanese eggplant were the highlight of this dish. The addition of these two vegetables saved the dish from falling flat. The proportion of lettuce to the roasted vegetable could be altered with addition of more vegetables, but that might just be me.  I wouldn’t necessarily order this again.

Food: C+

Cleanliness: A

The noise bounced off the walls and the tables were placed  uncomfortably close to one another.

Ambiance: C

Fred’s Mexican Cafe and Cantina – Huntington Beach, CA
Overall: D

Let’s start off positive.

The atmosphere is awesome! It feels as though we are in Mexico, the employee shirts (Don’t Drink the Water, Drink the Margaritas!) and the decor is great. It is a great draw for young adults at night and fun family restaurant during the day.

Ambiance: A

Per request, we were seated by a window and had a great view of Huntington Beach and well protected by the windows from the wind. Slow service is an understatement. When they did stop by the table at least they were friendly…

Service: D+

Quick and to the point: My iced tea arrived without ice, it may have been cold? We both ordered Chicken Tortilla Soup and the presentation was beautiful, they fanned the avocado. The soup was not hot, it was luke-warm at best. If it had been served warm, the flavor was above average and I would have rated it a B.

Food: F

Cleanliness– A

Maybe they were understaffed? Maybe it was the fact it was a Monday? Expectations were not met, but at least it was memorable.

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What do you normally order at California Pizza Kitchen?
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