Caldera Grille and Magic Bullet Fun

This past weekend I met up with six friends and together we ventured into the wild. We drove for hours and hours ( okay, only 3) and set up camp near Bend, Oregon.  After a tent fiasco and enlisting the help of our friendly campsite neighbor, we pitched our tent. Then, as any other savvy camper would do, we drove to town for our first meal.

Caldera Grille– Bend, Oregon
Overall: B+

We wanted burgers! All but one (she ordered french toast, yes, I’m confused too..) ordered a burger variation. We had Frisco style, Hawaiian, regular and double patties galore.  I opted for the patty melt and a side of fruit.

The service at this restaurant was not the greatest. We waited for water to be poured then realized it was self serve, and the waitress mixed up our side orders. The Grille redeemed itself when the waitress had pre split the check for us (and when we tasted the food).
Service: C+

My patty melt arrived on marbled rye bread with pepperjack cheese, it oozed down the side of the bread. Caramelized onions lay on top of the patty and did not overpower the juicy flavor from the burger nor the cheese, it complimented it perfectly. I had low expectations for the side of fruit, but this side was the freshest and juiciest I’ve had in a grill setting years.
Food: A

The inside of the restaurant was dark and if judged by the outside would not have been our first choice. The menu is what grabbed our attention, it had burgers starting as low as $5.  The pictures on the wall were distracting. They were almost disturbing…
I wouldn’t want a small child gazing at the art, but the three TVs do distract from the art. This establishment is suitable for an after-work drink or a family (without small children).
Ambiance: B

No complaints about the restaurants cleanliness.
Cleanliness: A

Magic Bullet

The hours prior to the drive my friend and I had a few hours to kill, we decided to make our own coffee frappes. She busted out her Magic Bullet and I grabbed the Tillamook Vanilla ice cream. The night before we had frozen coffee ice cubes with hope we would have this time to make our frappes. It may have taken three or four tries, but eventually we had very, very thick frappes. Essentially, we had infused our vanilla ice cream with espresso because we did not add milk to the mixture and created coffee ice cream. We presevered though and let the frappes melt for an hour and they soon became thin enough to be called a milkshake. They may not be frappes, but they are baller tasting coffee ice cream.

24 Frozen coffee cubes
3-5 Scoops ice cream
Milk {This is where we went wrong}

Blend until ice is crushed and all ingredients are creamed.

What is the best thing you have made with a Magic Bullet?
Do you enjoy camping or would you rather spend your time in a classy hotel?


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