Almond Butter “Cookies”

Tonight I decided to try out an Almond Butter Cookie recipe I found on the blog Show Food Chef. It is a recipe she uses when camping, I thought it was appropriate as I just returned from a weekend in the woods. If you make this recipe I recommend using the brown sugar, mine needed to be a little sweeter.

I also sweetened my almond butter earlier today with maple syrup, cinnamon, and vanilla. TRY IT!  Thanks to Oh She Glows!

There is an error at the end of the video, the recipe should be credited to Show Food Chef and not Oh She Glows, I caught the error just a bit too late!

You also get to hear about my banana muffin mishap I had prior to the CA trip, it was not tasty.
This is what the muffin looked like, and if the color doesn’t turn you off the flavor would.

Have you ever forgotten baking soda or powder in your food?
What is your favorite type of cookie?


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