Homemade Sun Dried Tomatoes

Get ready for lots of little posts! I personally don’t like reading posts that go on for pages, so I am going to break this into three.

Yesterday I had a strong craving for sun dried tomato hummus. After scouring the grocery stores I discovered that sundried tomatoes are not something you can buy on a budget. Seeing as I am a college student without a current income, I got creative!

Making the sun dried tomatoes:
1. I took two medium tomatoes and chopped them into fourths and then into eights.
2. On a baking sheet I placed the tomatoes and took notice that they were not crowded.
3. In a cup I mixed a few “glugs” (percise measuring! Right?) of olive oil and garlic salt.
4. I then took the mixture and generously brushed the tomatoes.
5. Finally, I popped the pan in the oven at 195 degrees for 6 hours.
6. I turned the oven off (it was 11 pm) and let the tomatoes sit in the oven until morning.
Isn’t that easy!? AND affordable!!

You can easily store the tomatoes in a little olive oil in a mason jar and have great sun dried tomatoes anytime. My tomatoes appeared in my fritatta at lunch today and it was heavenly!


2 thoughts on “Homemade Sun Dried Tomatoes

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