Hurry Curry!! Soul Food Tonight.

I just couldn’t resist using my name for post for the specific reason that I did  eat chicken curry for dinner. My friend and I cooked for her family and this is a dish she refers to as soul food. To be perfectly honest, I thought I understood what she meant the first time she talked about soul food, but it was obvious I didn’t until tonight.

While the spices were simmering together in the pan it produced a heavenly aroma. I had a release of endorphins  similar to a great run (or dark chocolate!)  This food smelled like food fit for the gods. I had to control my salivating, I’m sure her parents would not  have  appreciated my saliva in their food.  My friend first made a similar recipe with on of of her college mates a few weeks ago. Her friend immigrated to the US and her family moved to NY when she was little. This was the first dish she learned how to cook. You know how spaghetti is the American easy go to dish,  the chicken curry is her friend’s go to dish.

We started cooking late, but it didn’t matter because the longest thing that took to cook was the rice and that involves zero labor.   We plated up the salad, pita and hummus,  and finally the rice and curry. I personally never enjoyed curry until this year and now I cannot get enough of the stuff! (Previously ironic, the name, haa).
Of course improvements can always be made to any dish, but for our first chicken curry I would call this a complete tantalizing  success.

*We used this recipe as a guideline!

And the perfect way to end our dinner from around the world, (Indian curry/Mediterranean hummus) is with authentic Churros from the local panaderia. Fantastico!

Tonight we had soul food. It fills the stomach, satisfies the taste buds and is enjoyed with good company.

Do you have a specialty dish that you consider soul food?
Do you do something to feed your soul everyday? That might not be food or fitness?


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