WIAW- Waffle Edition

I am never eating a waffle anywhere else ever again.

For breakfast today my roommate, our friend and I drove to Off the WaffleThis place is everything it is hyped up to be. The waffles are of a different breed! The batter is different than all others because they are Liege waffles,  yeast is included in the batter. (I’m sure more than yeast is added!) The waffle is perfectly crispy and chewy, as well as perfectly portioned! Off the Waffle offers sweet and savory waffles, fried eggs, organic yogurt and vegan options (!).

I indulged in the H-bomb! Melted Havarti, Apple and Cinnamon topped my waffle. The picture does not do it justice. I walked in to class and immediately recapped my meal to my group member. He is already making plans for his maiden trip to Off the Waffle.

Food: A
Service: (we ordered to-go) A
Ambiance: Small, family friendly, very casual/hippie feel. A
Cleanliness: A
$4.50 for my waffle. Worth every penny.

Heaven! Havarti, Apple ,Cinnamon, Waffle

I have class 10am-2pm and was full from breakfast the entire time. (waffle is worth every penny!). I then holed my self up in the library for 3 hours trying to read my philosophy text. Today we were assigned Metaphysics by Aristotle and I may have nodded off for a new minutes during the reading. Did I ever mention this stuff is dense? Lunch in the library included a Chocolate Almond Fudge Clif Bar (my favorite!) and a banana. It was filling, but disappeared quickly!


My roommate and I went to Zumba Fitness before dinner tonight. We ended up discussing how we are completely different in our workout choices. I like longer workouts with periods of intensity and she prefers short but intense sessions. Tomorrow we are trying Boot Camp, it will be interesting for sure! I heard a new song  in class that I want to add to my own routine! I forgot to ask the instructor tonight, but on Friday it’s my mission to get the title. After Zumba Fitness we came home and I whipped up a light dinner. Tuna salad, salad with balsamic vinegar and tons of broccoli.  We are both obsessed with broccoli. Which is great because it is high in vitamin C, fiber and fights multiple types of cancer. Power food!

Dinner #1- tuna/broccoli/salad
My roommate requested her 2nd dinner be displayed. Shrooms, Toast, and Chips/Salsa!

*Tonight we are going grocery shopping and I can get some real lunch food and possibly my first trip ever to TRADER JOES!!! I am beyond ecstatic.


What is your favorite vegetable? How do you prefer it to be cooked?
Do you prefer short high intensity workouts or longer workouts with intervals?


5 thoughts on “WIAW- Waffle Edition

  1. I love eggplants in Asian dishes!!!! It’s so nice how you and your roomie work out together. How do you make your tuna salad? I had it once at a potluck with tons of lemon and dill (love that stuff). Usually I have it with canola mayo, lemon juice, pickle relish, and celery, which is good but you know, it’s better all dill-y.

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