Maiden Trip to Trader Joe’s

Hi friends! [All pictures are at the bottom today!]

Last night my roommate and I went on a long past due grocery shopping run! If you noticed yesterday’s first dinner it was a bit lacking in the color and nutrient department. Alright, it was basically lettuce and tuna (of course with mayo and mustard!). We had three destinations, we stopped at each place for a specific purpose.
-Trader Joe’s: free range meat.
Sundance Natural Foods: organic fruit and veggies.
-Safeway: everything else for a better price.

Trader Joe’s was fantastic! Everything was laid out in an easy to find manner and the price stickers for a “Super Deal” were very helpful. I already have Flatout flatbread, but I couldn’t resist the Tj’s flatbread. I’m going to be eating a lot of wraps and mini pizzas for the next two weeks to get through my bread supply, which I started doing today!
Lunch: red roasted hummus, melted mozzarella on TJ’s flat bread. Simple and easy. I paired it with an apple and grapes. Perfect fuel to bust out a short essay. No pictures unfortunately, hunger prevailed.

A few other noteworthy TJ finds are:
Super Seeded Tortilla Chips. These chips are small, but have mighty flavor. I love that they have chia, flax and hemp seeds.  My red roasted hummus complimented the chips perfectly, I’m not usually a chip fan, but these are a new favorite!
Sugar Snap Peas and Boneless Chicken Breast  were also a highlight of the evening. I wanted to buy the Lemonade Tea, but I probably wouldn’t drink it fast enough. I tend to stick to water or green tea.

At Sundance Natural Foods I only bought organic apples (which were on sale!), they are number one on the Dirty Dozen and because I am an avid apple eater I will seek out the organic ones when it is affordable. If you are ever in Eugene, OR and need to buy vegetables. GO TO SUNDANCE!!! This place is really awesome, with lots of locally grown food and natural goods. If you don’t go to buy anything at least walk in and experience the fragrance of fruits and veggies that hits you as you enter. It will engulf you.

This leads to tonight’s dinner. Today the roomie and I had a Jillian 30 day burn session in the morning and then attended Boot Camp on campus in the evening. We. Are. NOT. In. Shape. What’s wonderful was having the class out in the quad and the weather was not too warm. This was awesome because 10 minutes in we were doing sprinting intervals and sweating like crazy. I realized today how long it has been since I’ve been on a true run and it has been over two weeks. Summer has made me lazy 🙂 The “coach” is a student and did everything with us, he was incredibly encouraging to everyone. What’s also wonderful is only a few of the males were cruising through class, the rest of us were huffing and puffing. We came back to the apartment with an appetite!

Last night I “cooked”, so tonight I worked on a paper and made the salad. My roommate stir fried, onions, criminis, bell pepper, chicken, spinach, garlic and Seracha. It was finished in under 25 minutes and hit the spot. I am learning to enjoy spicy food, so the minimal amount Seracha was the perfect for me, but I’m sure I saw her add more to her plate…

*Tonight we are off to a game night and Pazooki! Pazooki is one of my all time favorite desserts, I will be having more than one for sure.
* My parents are currently in Louisiana and Alabama, they keep sending me pictures of their food and it is entirely too delicious to not share with you!

Have you ever had the Pazooki at BJ’s?
What is your favorite post or pre-work out snack?


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