Feel Good Friday

¡Buenas Tardes Mis Amigos!
I can’t decide if this week has flown by or moved at snails pace. It seems to have been both at the same time, hmmm. I started off the week in two summer courses. Exercise and Wellness and Philosophical Problems and I am ending the week only enrolled in the wellness class. Philosophy is incredibly interesting and I would encourage anyone to either read some of the writings by Plato etc or to enroll in a course. I  just found that having 4 hours of reading a day, a paper every night, and two hours of class was not what I anticipated in a summer class. (This was in addition to my other course.)Philosophy is class that should not be covered in a speedy class, I would get much more out of it in a full term. So, today I returned my philosophy books and I now have a summer again.

Now that I don’t have 8 hours of school related activities a day I finally have time to work on my Zumba Fitness routines! Zorba, a Greek song, is currently my favorite new routine! It doesn’t have lyrics and starts slow, slowly the tempo increases until you are wildly hopping. This will be my second routine I’ve memorized, only 13 to go!

I have decided to make Friday’s Feel Good Friday”   to reflect on the great things that have happened during the past week.

-Last night I went to a game/Pazkooi night to help raise money for a couple friends that are running a woman’s half marathon. I got to meet some of their friends and reconnect with a couple of high school friends. All of this while enjoying a home made Pazooki and playing Catch Phrase/Scattergories!

-My roommate and I walk to school every morning and we have not yet failed to break in to song at least once on the walk over. A few songs from our repertoire have included, Taylor Swift’s- Mean, Oh, What a Beautiful Morning- Oklahoma, That’s How You Know- Enchanted.  Singing in the morning puts a great spin on the day and is a great way to start on the right foot! [Kaila, from Healthy Helper, just went to a T-swift concert. I’m so jealous!]

-It’s too good to not just post on here!

-Grocery shopping and being able to cook! It’s a blessing and a curse! I love having food already prepared, but I love the satisfaction of creating my own meal. I need to learn how to plan and it will be even better! Any one have tips on meal planning?

What were your favorite moments from the past week?
Do you plan your meals ahead or just throw something together?
Do you ever watch musicals?


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