Community Plate Review

Community Plate
Overall: A

Last week I had the chance to eat at this restaurant twice, and  I could probably eat there every meal if I had the opportunity. The restaurant describes itself as an old school cookery, they serve comfort food as well gourmet items and try and use local items when possible.

The first occasion I ate there I sat and enjoyed lunch with a friend. I ordered the Community Plate Burger. I don’t order burgers often, because they are always better at home, this is the exception. This burger was grilled to perfection. Caramelized onions, cheddar, tomato, horseradish mayo and lettuce  topped the beast. What’s wonderful about this burger is the reasonable size, I had enough left for a snack, but those with larger appetites would be perfectly content.
Food: A+

Best burger of my life

Service: A
*Another unique aspect about the restaurant is the service. You walk up to order and pick up your food. All silverware, water, and cups are at the far end of the restaurant for self service.

Atmosphere: A
The name Community implies that everyone interacts together, and the restaurant is set up in exactly that manner. Two large communal tables are at the center of the room and allow for easy conversation. If one prefers they have the option of smaller 3/4 person tables or sitting at the bar to people watch.

: A
*Customers bus their own tables, but the employees do a good job of ensuring clean tables at each new seating.

My second Community Plate experience was at breakfast time, coincidentally it was on Father’s Day. My parents were already headed for the deep south at this time, so a friend and I celebrated our father’s by dining out that morning. We both ordered the special of the day, a Baked Egg. This baked egg was not an ordinary baked egg, it was accompanied with ham, caramelized onions, potato, and sun dried tomatoes.
This was another outstanding meal, it was not as life changing as the burger, but it was high on my list of greatest food moments. I was very close to licking the plate.
Food: A

Beautiful Baked Egg


Almost licked the plate!

Service: A
Delivered in a timely manner even on a holiday.

Cleanliness: A
Atmosphere: A

If you are ever in Oregon Wine Country and need to stop somewhere for a meal, I recommend this as one of your first stops!


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