WIAW- Cooking With a Busy Schedule

My favorite day of the week! I’m happy to be back with a a few of my eats from the past day. Linking up with Peas and Crayons!

Having class at 10:00 am allows the perfect amount of time to scramble eggs or if I’m feeling really adventurous make a veggie omelet/scramble. Most days are sauteed onions and eggs. (I need to start making frittata’s again!)

Soft Boiled Egg

Lunch is the hardest meal of the day for me, I am still learning how to plan my meals. When lunch rolls around I am too hungry to decide on anything, but not hungry enough to cook immediately. I usually eat an apple and then decide what I want to make. Wraps are becoming an easy lunch for me to throw together. I always have leftover veggies, or the Green Giant helps me out with some steamer veggies. A Flatout, hummus, veggies, and (sometimes) chicken. Voila! 5 minute wrap.

Veggie wrap!

I am completely addicted to the frozen yogurt down the street and today I had the chance to try their Strawberry Kiwi flavor. I wish they had that flavor all of the time. My other snack was a Nature Valley Peanut Granola Bar, I was pleasantly surprised. I wouldn’t go out of my way to buy it, but it was great to have when my stomach was growling.

Kiwi atop my kiwi/straw fro yo!
Snack #2

It is up for debate as my favorite meal of the day. I love breakfast, but dinner has much more versatility in my mind. Today, I didn’t have the chance to eat until 8:00 and I had Tupperware full of yesterdays leftovers. This became tonight’s dinner. Nothing too inventive right now, but the evening snack will be more creative!

Recycled Photo, sorry!

What is your favorite frozen yogurt flavor?
Have you ever made your own ice cream of fro yo?


3 thoughts on “WIAW- Cooking With a Busy Schedule

  1. ok that’s a hard Q! haha! I love taro, dulce de leche, passionfruit/acai, and vanilla froyo. 😛 I’ve made it the real caveman way before! Frozen banana and greek yogurt blended up together and ta-da! 😀

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