Smoke Alarms and Human Test Subjects

I’ve decided that I should not bake muffins. Or I should at least be supervised while I bake muffins. Two out my last three muffin baking sessions something has gone wrong.

I bought an extra banana last week with the intent of baking banana muffins later in the week. I ate a late dinner last night of leftovers and then immediately went to work on the muffins. I had all the dry ingredients measured and mixed with the banana in under 5 minutes.

I probably should have stopped the process when I realized we had oat bran and not rolled oats. Experimenting with a recipe the first time doesn’t usually turn out well. I also should have stopped the process when we realized the oven won’t preheat at 350. It will bake at either 250 degrees or 395 or higher. Two red flags and in went the muffin batter. It smelled absolutely delcious! The aroma of cinnamon filled the apartment with a hint of banana. 6 minutes pass and I checked on the batch, they are rising to perfection. Almost done. 5 more minutes pass we both comment on the great smell and I then check on them. HUGE WAVES OF SMOKE escape the oven! It takes less than 30 seconds for the smoke alarm to madly sound.
Then we have the following chain of events play out:

I thrown muffins on stove.
Roomie starts fanning the alarm with a pillow.
I open apartment door.
I turn on a fan.
She grabs a wall fan and holds it up to the alarm.
I madly fan the alarm with a towel.
We fan and blow on alarm for another solid minute.
Finally the alarm slows and the beeping and stops.

I wish we had this on film.

We checked the muffins and the edges are, to put it lightly, burnt. Instead of instantly throwing them out we grab forks and dig into the center. It has a pudding texture and tastes sweet and not at all burnt. We could only salvage two or three bites out of each muffin. If they weren’t singed so badly on the edges they had potential to taste good.

I don’t know if it was the oven or the rolled vs. bran oats , or a timing issue. I do know, I won’t be making muffins in the near future.

Ingreidients gathered
Mixed and ready to bake!
What I ate instead. PB&J wrap

In other news, I am a paid research experiment participant.

As a way to earn extra money this summer because I am unemployed I volunteered to be a participant in a paid research experiement. I went in for my baseline tasting last night and returned home with $20 and a hand grip exerciser. For the next three weeks I have to respond to text messages every few hours about the progress on my personal projects. I did reaction experiments in the lab, a personality survey, and finally concluded with stating my personal goals or “projects.”The text messages ask me how on a 1-10 scale how well I’m progressing on my projects, and how distracted I am from the project. In addition to each 1-10 survey text, once a day I also have to use the hand grip and measure my strength at that time. It is an easy way to earn an extra $100 over the course of three weeks. It is also a great way to motivate me towards my goals! Believe me when I say I am looking for more on-campus experiments!

Have you ever set off the smoke alarm?


2 thoughts on “Smoke Alarms and Human Test Subjects

  1. Mom

    Sounds like you girls have a very sensitive smoke alarm, which is a good thing for a real fire….not so good for a muffin mishap. Good luck next time!

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