Scavenger Hunt Saturday

Today was gorgeous again in the Pacific NorthWest! I think the sun has finally received the memo that it is almost August and that us Pac NW’ers spend most of the year in the rain. We really do  love the sun to show up during the summer months.

Today a bunch of friends and I are splitting into two teams for a scavenger hunt! We are taking photos when we find or complete each item on the list, different items have different point values, whoever earns more points wins! After the scavenger hunt is a homemade pizza party! We are making the dough and everybody else is bringing a topping for the pizza. It is going to be a random assortment of toppings that we know of so far, soy cheese, pineapple and anchovies have been mentioned by guests. Yum, I am hungry just imagining our pizzas!

The last time I made pizza was back in early June, mmmm. It was surprisingly good with beer bread crust, roasted eggplant, feta, cheddar, and possibly my homemade sun dried tomatoes. It is past due for homemade pizza!

This was a winner!

Yesterday, I didn’t complete my planned interval run, it was too hot by the afternoon, so roommie and I went on a 2 hours walk. This included a 45 minute break at Market of Choice to sample their honey and drool over grocery items not in our budget. That being said, TODAY I will hit the gym before our scavenger hunt/pizza party and maybe do a couple sets of weights.


Feel Good Friday- Bucket List Edition

Woo! It is Feel Good Friday!

During my time at UO this summer my roommie and I created a bucket list to ensure that we did everything we wanted with our 8 weeks. The list ranges from “make bread” to an entire day without electronics for recreational uses. Yeah, it is random and LONG. We have completed 8 of our 25 items and only have 2 weeks to finish the list! In the past two days, we have eaten at Voodoo, visited Off the Waffle ( best waffles EVER ), hiked Spencer’s Butte ( it was in the evening too, the city lights were gorgeous at the top), made a 30 minute meal, and have choreographed a dance. Oops, that’s five, not four!  We are rolling right along.

We visited Voodoo last night after choreographing our dance, it was the perfect treat!

Our Kruellers! Mine is maple and hers is glazed. Delicious!

Today was our visit to Off the Waffle, it made the list per my request, I am IN LOVE WITH THOSE WAFFLES. To save money we ordered plain waffles to-go (which is delicious all on its own), but came home and added toppings. I added sliced apples with cinnamon and added a dollop of vanilla yogurt. Mmmm, It was good.

Mine= sliced apple, yogurt, and cinnamon. Hers= gouda, pistachio, and a sliced apple

Originally, we planned on a Rachel Ray or Jamie Oliver 30 minute meal, but we were flexible and decided to create a meal that could be plated in 30 minutes. We set the timer and roommie set to work on her sliders, I started my “poor man’s soup” (veggies and broth), and the boys worked on a tomato/cucumber salad and banana nut muffins. It was a success!  We called out the time every 3-6 minutes and we were plating the meal as the timer chimed.

Sliders, Veggie soup, tomato salad and un-pictured muffins.

We kept calling the soup a “Charlie Bucket Soup” and making Charlie and the Chocolate Factory references through out the evening. This may have been influenced from watching the movie a week ago, but never the less, the soup was delicious and full of veggie nutrients! I ate more when we returned from our hike. Nom.

Poor Man’s s Soup Method:
Serves Four

Wash and cut (or buy pre-washed and cut veggies).
Broccoli, cauliflower, squash, carrot, onion, and any desired
Garlic, to taste
2.5 cans of Vegetable Broth
-Add one can of broth to vegetables in pan and let boil for 5 five minutes
-After 5 minutes add the remaining ingredients and let boil for 15 more minutes
-Bring to a simmer for 5 minutes
-Everything should be finished by the 25-30 minute mark!

My Feel Good moments are everything we have completed on our list annnnd my amazing body sculpting class on Thursday. I have hardly touched my weights this summer and I could feel the difference during the class! I am extremely motivated to go next Tue/Thur to build my strength again, I left super sweaty and ready to chow down on a black bean salad that evening.

What were your favorite parts of the week? A good meal? Activity? Lazy day?

[What I Ate Wednesday]- Interview Style

It’s hump day, also known as What I Ate Wednesday to the Food Blogging Community!


After my weekend at home I realized that my food supply at school was lacking in everything; no veggies, protein, oats, an empty fruit bowl, and only a scoop of hummus left. Thankfully, I had Dark Chocolate Dreams PB and cinnamon bread! The pair saved me Monday and Tuesday until I made a quick grocery trip.The lettuce and avocados brought from home also tided me over during this period of distress. I really need to learn to bring my grocery list with me when I shop and then I wouldn’t have to make four mini trips a week to the corner Safeway.

Nevertheless! Here are couple eats from at home and yesterday!


My cat really liked my spinach, bell pepper, tomato scramble too!
Homegrown Strawberries and a Bloob Pancake

Lunch/Dinner: Yesterday and today.

Repeat photo- I ate this without the shrimp, twice.

Afternoon snack: Before body sculpt!

Cinnamon Bread with Dark Chocolate Dreams and Chunky Smart Balance PB

Dinner: It’s a repeat..

Rice and Curry with tons of veggies

Dessert: My favorite dessert when fro-yo is not an option!

My dessert with Dark Chocolate Chips and Fiber One original

As always when I restocked on baby carrots many  were consumed along with some salsa and Trader Jose Super Seeded Chips .

My Folklore and Veganism paper!
I started interviewing locals about their veganism and have heard some very interesting responses, some are vegan for health reasons and others for the environment and animal rights. If you are interested in filling out a quick questionnaire about your veganism let me know! I would love to have a few more responses to supplement my paper.

What is your favorite lunch to pack? I need some new ideas!

Happy Eating!

Katy Perry and Vineyard Frolicking

It’s Monday?! Already? I honestly don’t know what happened to the weekend. Friday after my Zumba Fitness class I rushed home (not really, a two hour drive on a country road), napped, showered, and then my friends and I hit the freeway to see Katy Perry all within a 3 hour time frame.

you’re going to Katy Perry””]We arrived at the Rose Garden unnecessarily early, but that just allowed us time to wander around and people watch. We wanted to dress up a little for the concert, but that just meant a little neon, some fans went full peacock! A couple went Adam and Eve style with peacock feathers strategically placed, if only I had a picture of their costume! There were also scads of girls in homemade fan shirts and others rocking the suspenders. Apparently the opening act got sick suddenly and we were treated to the DJ- Skeet Skeet instead and danced to top 40 remixes the first 45 minutes before Katy started her set. My favorites of the evening  by Katy were T.G.I.F, Thinking of You, Firework and California Gurls.  During the song Thinking of You she sang from her “Cotton Candy Cloud”, it lifted her  forward, close to our section at the 200 level. The zoom on my camera is lacking, but I still couldn’t resist taking pictures of every song.

Outside the Rose Garden


California Gurls- finale!

After the show we had hoped to hit up Voodoo Doughnuts, but the line was out the door and around the corner! Instead of stopping for food we foraged on home to sleep. The next day I was lucky enough to receive a free ticket to an education fundraiser in our area called Starry Night. It’s largely a teacher event and my friend and I were the only two underage attending, but it was free and worth it for the food, plus taking fun pictures in the vineyard.

Pork from the local farm, wild salmon, various salads and roll with rosemary butter
Crostini appetizer
Watermelon Goat Cheese Gazpacho
Salmon cooked the traditional way

Post frolicking


Summer is half way over, do you have any trips or events planned?

Folklore and Veganism

My first week of class for second term is over, WOO! We’re now full swing in my folklore class and I think I finally understand the topic of the class. Folklore, according to my prof, is learning of anything in an unconventional manner. This can be learning a recipe from your mother, though she may have learned it from a book, telling scary stories around a campfire, or throwing spilled salt over your shoulder. It is really everyday interactions in an informal matter, the best part of the class is our final paper that is on any topic of our choosing! My topic is *drum roll* Veganism! I’ve always been extremely interested in this lifestyle and why/how others choose to live it. We need a few interviews for our paper and I’m planning on getting interviewees at a local health food store, Sundance! Also, if any of your are interested in filling out my questionnaire feel free to let me know, the more interviews I conduct the better my final paper!

I haven’t eaten anything too interesting lately, just the standard spinach salad with tofu for lunch and a veggie stir fry for dinner. They weren’t camera ready, BUT my fro-yo from the other day is always a beaut! I am only one punch away from a free 8 oz fro-yo!!! Mmm, this is such an addiction.

Cake Batter, Raspberry, and Tart! Always with sprinkles, I love all the colors!

Tomorrow evening is the Katy Perry concert, my first real concert and I am ECSTATIC! My roommate and I are planning outfits for tomorrow including fake eyelashes and lots of glittery make-up, can’t wait!

Who’s your favorite musical artist?

What was the first concert you attended?

What I Ate Wednesday

Thanks Jen, for hosting another WIAW!


I think this is round 4 (or 5?!) I haven’t been on top of my game, photo wise, since classes have been going but I do have a few to show!

Breakfast: Oatmeal pancake: recipe courtesy of Kath! (It was delicious and easy!) It’s only 5 ingredients; oats, egg whites, vanilla, and baking powder. BAM, breakfast!

Bloobs and honey on top!

Lunch: More of a snack/grazing affair taken place in the library and at the apartment. Trusty old Clif Bar, Carrots/Hummus, Raisin toast with Dark Chocolate Dreams and Smart Balance Chunky PB. I love my peanut butter, but I need to fill the void in my heart, it’s asking for almond butter.

Favorite Flavor!
Beautiful, I know..

Dinner: We had a few friends over and chopped up yams, carrots, cauliflower, asparagus, onions, mushrooms, and a little chicken. Then using a Korean Curry (oxymoron?) spice packet, we ate some intensely flavored curry over rice. The flavor was bold and I am so happy we have leftovers!  After we polished off our dinner we sat down to watch The Exorcist last night, and we were properly frightened. Okay, not really, but it was entertaining. It was a little slow and the first 30 minutes could have been edited out, but now we can say that we’ve seen it.

Mmm, I want more.

I will become better at documentation this week! It’s on my goal list!

Have you seen the Blair Witch Project? It’s next on our list.

Monday, Monday [Homemade Ice Cream Cake]

Nearly every Monday morning the song by the Mamas and the Papas is hummed at one point. This is the first time I’ve watched it performed live and I’ll be honest, I laughed a little. I couldn’t help it, the guys pants are a little tighter than necessary and muumuus have never been fashionable. I wonder how that Hawaiian trend ever became so popular… But no matter, the song is great, as is the group!

This week is 2nd term of my summer classes and I am exploring the myths and legends of Folklore and US Pop Culture, I have no idea what to expect, tomorrow I’ll let you know what the class is all about. My other class is *drum roll* Pilates!I already had my first class today and I’m very excited because 99% of the class is, like me, a beginner and the instructor is very knowledgeable, especially emphasizing form.

This weekend we celebrated an early birthday for my brother, he lives out of state and we won’t be able to celebrate with him! One of his favorite types of cake is ice cream, my mom and I created this cake in under 15 minutes. It is very easy and much cheaper than buying a pre made cake.

Brother's Birthday Cake

Homemade Ice Cream Cake: Method

1. Use a bowl as your mold.
2. Layer wax paper on the bottom and sides, so when ready to eat it is easy to lift out.
3. Press the topping of your choice in the bottom of the mold (We used crushed Oreos.)
4. Scoop softened ice cream in to the mold about 3 in. deep  (We used cookie dough.)
5. If using a second ice cream flavor, scoop second layer and smooth over the first layer. (We used mint for color contrast.)
6.  Have your base prepared, graham cracker crumbles work great! A little melted butter will help to hold the crumbles together. Press over ice cream, approx. 1 in thickness.
7. Freeze it until ready to serve!
8. Before serving let it thaw about 15 minutes before removing from mold.
9.Set on plate and garnish! Chocolate syrup?  Yes, please.
How do you celebrate your birthday?

I Love To Cry at Weddings

“…Anytime, Anywhere, Anyplace!” [Sweet Charity 1:04min]

Yesterday was my neighbor’s wedding and of all the weddings I’ve seen it had the most personality of them all…but, maybe I’m biased. The wedding  took place at 5:30 and only a few hours earlier, at noon, it was raining cats and dogs. Oregon weather is incredibly unpredictable even in July, but by 3:00 the sun began to break through the clouds, to everyone’s relief. The ceremony was not traditional; Cannon in D was played briefly, but when the Father of the Bride and the Bride entered to walk down the aisle Jump in the Line( Shake Senora) played and they danced their way to the altar. Even the groom was surprised! They took their vows and promised to be best friends, catch each other when they fall, to always be partners in crime and with a brief story they exchanged rings. The ceremony was true to the couple and thoroughly enjoyed by the guests.

Bustin' a move down the aisle.

The ceremony and reception took place in their stunning garden, perfectly sized for the intimate gathering to dine and dance. Dinner was delicious! Fresh fruit, roasted vegetables, salad with vinaigrette dressing, chicken or beef and a dinner roll.

Touching speeches were given by the Father of the Bride, brother, Best Man and Maid of Honor, and then dessert was served. Instead of a traditional cake choices were given to the guests; apple crumble, lemon bars. chocolate ganache bars, and blueberry tart.The chocolate ganche was my personal favorite!

After dessert the dance floor slowly filled up and guests broke it down with Michael Jackson, Ice Cube, Beyonce and countless other artists. I wish I had pictures of all the babies dancing, they definitely stole the show!

I can’t wait to have a wedding of my own someday! But, not for quite a few more years, I will definitely be finishing school first and hopefully have a great job.

Here are a few more shots from throughout the evening. Enjoy!

Reppin' Tacoma! Woot!

Have you been to any weddings this summer?

What’s your favorite part about a wedding?

Feelin’ Good, it’s Friday!

Happy Feel-Good Friday Blogger friends!

It’s a gorgeous day in the Pacific NW and is a perfect reflection of my mood. Last night I went to see The Deathly Hallows Part 2 with my friends. We were a part of the crazy crowds lined outside of the theater. The street (of the outdoor mall) wad filled with fans camping out, it was closed down to all traffic. Food trucks were lucky enough to be allowed to park in front of the cinema, including a Korean Fusion truck. They handed me a free burrito filled with a Korean style meat, sprouts, cucumber, rice and beans. I fully support this new trend and hope it is here to stay! It may have been because it was midnight and I was starving, but that burrito was DELICIOUS! In addition to the burrito,earlier in the night I savored a huge cup of fro-yo from PeachWave. Vanilla, Creme de Menthe, and Raspberry is a great combo with sprinkles for decoration!

Just under $3!

To pass the time in line my friends and I busted out the cards and played some old school games like Egyptian Rat Screw and BS.  To improvise a table a CPK to go box was used, after a couple rounds of Egyptian Rat Screw the pizza (and the box) was more than a bit crushed.
For some reason the theater was very delayed in letting the fans inside on time, our showing started at 1:20 instead of 12:40. I have a feeling a lot of the fans that were to be in our theater got refunds and left because it was barely half full.
Regardless of it being so late, the movie was fantastic and I really want to re read the series.

To celebrate the last movie and my long weekend (first class of summer term is over!) I am making strawberry/blueberry pancakes for brunch. Yum!

To sum up my feel good moments of the week:
1. Harry Potter! (of course)
2. Finishing my 12 page paper and the wellness class.
3. Being home with my entire family (this is a rarity now a days.)
4. Enjoying a free movie in the park!

Look closely and you'll see Voldemort's Head!

This was the dinner we enjoyed as a family pre-Potter and a glimpse of my room-for-improvement pancakes. I think additional vanilla would have made them top notch… next time!

Mandarin orange salad, orzo, broccoli, and half a chicken breast.
Straw/Bloob pancakes


What’s your favorite book or movie?

Do you like going to midnight premieres?

I want to try using figs or dates as a snack: Do you buy figs/dates fresh or dried? How do you dress them up?

WIAW {In the Library}

WIAW is my favorite day of the week, but this week I didn’t prepare yesterday by snapping any photos of my eats. Today has not been any more productive in that sense because I ‘ve been in the library since class let out at 10:30. It currently is almost a quarter past four. Yes, I’ve been here a while. Luckily I packed a snack for after class, but that has barely tided me over. I only learned 10 minutes ago that there is a cafe in the basement(??!!!) This would have been great information 1.5 ago, but that’s okay, because now I am happily typing away my 6th page of my 8-10 page paper with a mocha and fritter. This is by no means healthy, but is soooo satisfying.

Breakfast: Overnight oats with coconut and almond extract. Almond milk and 1 T of Dark Chocolate Dreams PB. (I’m in love with that PB!)

oniab- recycled photo

Lunch: (in the library) Apple and Yogurt. A shrimp salad was packed, but wihout ice and I didn’t want to risk eating it after 5 hours without refrigeration.

Gala- my fave
It was actually strawberry- but vanilla works too..

Snack: (in the library) Mocha and Fritter. Heaven.

Mocha and Apple Fritter. Perfect Pick me-up

Dinner: (home after 7 hours, apparently it was nice day outside the library.) Tuna salad, Carrots and Hummus

with some mustard, mayo, and cayenne.

Snack: At the movies in the park! Stove-top Popcorn! (The kitchen may have caught fire once, woops. Not my doing this time!) Also, a thin mint and tag-along. Worth the hours in the library. We watched the new Wllie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. It was great fun, but then the projector ran out of gas and they staff told us to “youtube the rest of it.” It was a slight bummer.

Do you have favorite movie snack?
Are you going to see Harry Potter tonight?