Feel Good Friday

Hi friends,

Yes, I know today isn’t Friday, but yesterday was a crazy busy day. I went straight from class, to pack my car, and then drove home for the long weekend. It’s about a two hour drive, but I managed to stop at Trader Joe’s on the way for a break. I am in love with TJ’s! I grabbed a dried fruit bar for a snack and a Spicy Spinach Pizza to take home. When I got home I realized I left my nutbutter at school and so I proceeded to attempt my own almond butter. Long story short, we need a better food processor. Have you made your own nutbutter? My camera cord is at school, but pictures of the product and end product will show up later.

For Feel-Good Friday…

My best moments of the week have involved the board games and puzzles we bought earlier in the week at SVP! My roommate became so addicted to the puzzle that she finished before I got very involved. She graciously decided to mess it up after she finished it to allow me a chance to solve it! We also got in quality Taboo time with a few friends. It may be a better game than Catchphrase..

Day 1. Attack the puzzle
Day 3: Conquer the puzzle!

Thursday night we had a girls night. We painted our nails and watched 27 Dresses to celebrate completing our homework before dinner! This scene never gets old! You bet we sang along.

Finally, being home yesterday afternoon and eating some of my favorite foods! We had my Mom’s Cheesy Cauliflower, broccoli, my dad’s halibut, and I ended the night with ice cream at a friend’s house.

It was definitely a Feel-Good Friday!

Do you have 4th of July plans?
What type of food processor works best to make your own nutbutter?


10 thoughts on “Feel Good Friday

  1. dannggg look at you! That’s a crazy looking puzzle! haha it probably would have taken me 2 weeks or something 😛 I’ve made my own nut butter before and you’re right, a processor’s quality IS important, but I think we also tend to stop the machine sooner than we ought to–try going longer than you’re used to! It miiiight help 🙂

  2. aah i love 27 dresses! obsessed w/ that scene too :D. if you can, try using a blender for the nut butter. i’ve actually had pretty good results with a magic bullet, so who knows, it might be worth a shot!

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