Succulent Sunday and a [Quick Bean Dip]

Today started off on a perfect note. I had to do a little persuading to get myself out of bed (stayed up late watching The Shining, suspense at its finest!), but was happy I went to yoga a few minutes into class. It was my first Vinyasa Yoga class and I hope to make time to go more often! I’d only practiced Hatha Yoga before and was afraid today would be a huge leap in difficulty, but it worked out great. Our instructor ended class with her favorite poem and I found it very inspiring and wanted to share it here.

After class I worked on some research for my final paper for Health and Wellness. I’m researching the correlation between the USA’s Food Pyramid, Japan’s Food Pyramid, and if there is a link between the chronic diseases and cancers we contract. It’s interesting so far, but I still need waaaay more information.

In the afternoon my parents and I drove to the beach and met up with a few other families at a beach house. It was a GORGEOUS day at the beach. Also, possibly a first time I wore a swimsuit and shorts at the Oregon coast. No sweatshirt needed!

We snacked on a quick bean dip my mom and whipped up before dinner.

Our method:
Mix in the bowl you plan on serving it in.

16 oz can refried beans
16oz can black bean
3/4 cup corn
1/4 cup salsa
1/4 t cayenne pepper
chili powder to taste
(We didn’t have cilantro, but that is always a great addition!)
1. Stir ingredients.
2. Enjoy,

For dinner we feasted on delicious burgers with meat from a local farm! The meat came from happy grass fed cows. It had great flavor, very juicy and was definitely a 5 star burger. I am still full! After lots of sunning, Egyptian Rat Screw and walking we called it an afternoon. Tonight I am baking for my Dad’s birthday (it’s tomorrow, yup, the 4th!) and doing more research!

What is your favorite beach snack and activity?

Sidenote: The Shining with Jack Nicholson is a great movie! It builds up the suspense so evenly and will thoroughly give you the creeps. Although I went to bed slightly scared, I got to enjoy this delicious strawberry shortcake  while we watched. Gotta love local berries.


3 thoughts on “Succulent Sunday and a [Quick Bean Dip]

  1. I love the Shining!!! So freaking scary. When I saw it the first time I seriously thought they were all going to die gruesome horrible deaths but then only the dad does. 🙂 The only thing is it doesn’t explain how he gets out of the hotel walk-in fridge. It implies that the ghost guy gets him out but what REALLY got him out? You should post the Japanese food pyramid, I didn’t know they had one!!

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