Celebrations! and [a patriotic drink]

The 4th of July has finally arrived and it brought summer weather too! In my household the 4th not only represents the birth of a nation, but also my dad’s birthday! We are having a birthday celebration dinner for him tonight and from our house we can watch fireworks from around the city.

In honor of Independence Day I started breakfast off on a patriotic note, breakfast taco style.

I used Trader Joe’s Spicy Spinach Pizza for my taco, grated cheddar cheese, an egg white and mild salsa. For a quick and easy clean up I cooked the egg white in a bowl in the microwave. It only took 1 minute to get a pretty puffy egg white and I then scrambled its beauty to put in my taco.

I was a little hungry and nibbled the edge of the bread while the egg cooked, woops

Afternoon festivities included a strawberry limeade virgin daiquiri with friends and some good old yard sports! The original plan was badmitton, but when I pulled it out of the barn the rackets and birdie had been half eaten by something. We resorted to bocce ball. The drink we blended up took less than 5 minutes and was a great refreshment for the warm day.

What you need:
1 can limeade
1 bag frozen (or fresh) whole strawberries
~2 C water

Combine all ingredients in a blender (or just half the water)
2. Blend until desired consistency is reached.
3. Add water as needed.

Red, (white?), and blue frosty!

For dessert tonight we baked carrot cake, my dad’s favorite! We used the recipe from The Food Network with a few modifications. Orange zest and golden raisins were added and we omitted the walnuts. It only took 20 minutes to prepare and one  hour to cook in a bundt cake pan.We decided against layering. If you want to try the recipe you can get it from here!

Happy 4th of July!

Do you ever play yard sports?
What’s your favorite birthday dessert?


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