WIAW {In the Library}

WIAW is my favorite day of the week, but this week I didn’t prepare yesterday by snapping any photos of my eats. Today has not been any more productive in that sense because I ‘ve been in the library since class let out at 10:30. It currently is almost a quarter past four. Yes, I’ve been here a while. Luckily I packed a snack for after class, but that has barely tided me over. I only learned 10 minutes ago that there is a cafe in the basement(??!!!) This would have been great information 1.5 ago, but that’s okay, because now I am happily typing away my 6th page of my 8-10 page paper with a mocha and fritter. This is by no means healthy, but is soooo satisfying.

Breakfast: Overnight oats with coconut and almond extract. Almond milk and 1 T of Dark Chocolate Dreams PB. (I’m in love with that PB!)

oniab- recycled photo

Lunch: (in the library) Apple and Yogurt. A shrimp salad was packed, but wihout ice and I didn’t want to risk eating it after 5 hours without refrigeration.

Gala- my fave
It was actually strawberry- but vanilla works too..

Snack: (in the library) Mocha and Fritter. Heaven.

Mocha and Apple Fritter. Perfect Pick me-up

Dinner: (home after 7 hours, apparently it was nice day outside the library.) Tuna salad, Carrots and Hummus

with some mustard, mayo, and cayenne.

Snack: At the movies in the park! Stove-top Popcorn! (The kitchen may have caught fire once, woops. Not my doing this time!) Also, a thin mint and tag-along. Worth the hours in the library. We watched the new Wllie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. It was great fun, but then the projector ran out of gas and they staff told us to “youtube the rest of it.” It was a slight bummer.

Do you have favorite movie snack?
Are you going to see Harry Potter tonight?


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