Feelin’ Good, it’s Friday!

Happy Feel-Good Friday Blogger friends!

It’s a gorgeous day in the Pacific NW and is a perfect reflection of my mood. Last night I went to see The Deathly Hallows Part 2 with my friends. We were a part of the crazy crowds lined outside of the theater. The street (of the outdoor mall) wad filled with fans camping out, it was closed down to all traffic. Food trucks were lucky enough to be allowed to park in front of the cinema, including a Korean Fusion truck. They handed me a free burrito filled with a Korean style meat, sprouts, cucumber, rice and beans. I fully support this new trend and hope it is here to stay! It may have been because it was midnight and I was starving, but that burrito was DELICIOUS! In addition to the burrito,earlier in the night I savored a huge cup of fro-yo from PeachWave. Vanilla, Creme de Menthe, and Raspberry is a great combo with sprinkles for decoration!

Just under $3!

To pass the time in line my friends and I busted out the cards and played some old school games like Egyptian Rat Screw and BS.  To improvise a table a CPK to go box was used, after a couple rounds of Egyptian Rat Screw the pizza (and the box) was more than a bit crushed.
For some reason the theater was very delayed in letting the fans inside on time, our showing started at 1:20 instead of 12:40. I have a feeling a lot of the fans that were to be in our theater got refunds and left because it was barely half full.
Regardless of it being so late, the movie was fantastic and I really want to re read the series.

To celebrate the last movie and my long weekend (first class of summer term is over!) I am making strawberry/blueberry pancakes for brunch. Yum!

To sum up my feel good moments of the week:
1. Harry Potter! (of course)
2. Finishing my 12 page paper and the wellness class.
3. Being home with my entire family (this is a rarity now a days.)
4. Enjoying a free movie in the park!

Look closely and you'll see Voldemort's Head!

This was the dinner we enjoyed as a family pre-Potter and a glimpse of my room-for-improvement pancakes. I think additional vanilla would have made them top notch… next time!

Mandarin orange salad, orzo, broccoli, and half a chicken breast.
Straw/Bloob pancakes


What’s your favorite book or movie?

Do you like going to midnight premieres?

I want to try using figs or dates as a snack: Do you buy figs/dates fresh or dried? How do you dress them up?


5 thoughts on “Feelin’ Good, it’s Friday!

  1. ittybitsofbalance

    Wow! I’m not a Harry Potter fan (haven’t even read the books– I know, I know 😦 ) , but I’ve always been impressed by the lines at the theater when a new film comes out! It really is crazy how psyched people get!
    Did you dress up for the movie?!

  2. Great guest post at M&M 🙂 My fav books are by Jen Lancaster… she’s HILARIOUS! I love midnight premieres, but had to forgo Harry Potter because of work. I had tickets and everything !! I rarely buy fresh figs (just because I feel like I can never eat them in time), but I LOVE dried figs. Try them diced up on pizza dough topped with pesto and goat cheese. Yummy!

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