Folklore and Veganism

My first week of class for second term is over, WOO! We’re now full swing in my folklore class and I think I finally understand the topic of the class. Folklore, according to my prof, is learning of anything in an unconventional manner. This can be learning a recipe from your mother, though she may have learned it from a book, telling scary stories around a campfire, or throwing spilled salt over your shoulder. It is really everyday interactions in an informal matter, the best part of the class is our final paper that is on any topic of our choosing! My topic is *drum roll* Veganism! I’ve always been extremely interested in this lifestyle and why/how others choose to live it. We need a few interviews for our paper and I’m planning on getting interviewees at a local health food store, Sundance! Also, if any of your are interested in filling out my questionnaire feel free to let me know, the more interviews I conduct the better my final paper!

I haven’t eaten anything too interesting lately, just the standard spinach salad with tofu for lunch and a veggie stir fry for dinner. They weren’t camera ready, BUT my fro-yo from the other day is always a beaut! I am only one punch away from a free 8 oz fro-yo!!! Mmm, this is such an addiction.

Cake Batter, Raspberry, and Tart! Always with sprinkles, I love all the colors!

Tomorrow evening is the Katy Perry concert, my first real concert and I am ECSTATIC! My roommate and I are planning outfits for tomorrow including fake eyelashes and lots of glittery make-up, can’t wait!

Who’s your favorite musical artist?

What was the first concert you attended?


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