Katy Perry and Vineyard Frolicking

It’s Monday?! Already? I honestly don’t know what happened to the weekend. Friday after my Zumba Fitness class I rushed home (not really, a two hour drive on a country road), napped, showered, and then my friends and I hit the freeway to see Katy Perry all within a 3 hour time frame.

you’re going to Katy Perry””]We arrived at the Rose Garden unnecessarily early, but that just allowed us time to wander around and people watch. We wanted to dress up a little for the concert, but that just meant a little neon, some fans went full peacock! A couple went Adam and Eve style with peacock feathers strategically placed, if only I had a picture of their costume! There were also scads of girls in homemade fan shirts and others rocking the suspenders. Apparently the opening act got sick suddenly and we were treated to the DJ- Skeet Skeet instead and danced to top 40 remixes the first 45 minutes before Katy started her set. My favorites of the evening  by Katy were T.G.I.F, Thinking of You, Firework and California Gurls.  During the song Thinking of You she sang from her “Cotton Candy Cloud”, it lifted her  forward, close to our section at the 200 level. The zoom on my camera is lacking, but I still couldn’t resist taking pictures of every song.

Outside the Rose Garden


California Gurls- finale!

After the show we had hoped to hit up Voodoo Doughnuts, but the line was out the door and around the corner! Instead of stopping for food we foraged on home to sleep. The next day I was lucky enough to receive a free ticket to an education fundraiser in our area called Starry Night. It’s largely a teacher event and my friend and I were the only two underage attending, but it was free and worth it for the food, plus taking fun pictures in the vineyard.

Pork from the local farm, wild salmon, various salads and roll with rosemary butter
Crostini appetizer
Watermelon Goat Cheese Gazpacho
Salmon cooked the traditional way

Post frolicking


Summer is half way over, do you have any trips or events planned?


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