[What I Ate Wednesday]- Interview Style

It’s hump day, also known as What I Ate Wednesday to the Food Blogging Community!


After my weekend at home I realized that my food supply at school was lacking in everything; no veggies, protein, oats, an empty fruit bowl, and only a scoop of hummus left. Thankfully, I had Dark Chocolate Dreams PB and cinnamon bread! The pair saved me Monday and Tuesday until I made a quick grocery trip.The lettuce and avocados brought from home also tided me over during this period of distress. I really need to learn to bring my grocery list with me when I shop and then I wouldn’t have to make four mini trips a week to the corner Safeway.

Nevertheless! Here are couple eats from at home and yesterday!


My cat really liked my spinach, bell pepper, tomato scramble too!
Homegrown Strawberries and a Bloob Pancake

Lunch/Dinner: Yesterday and today.

Repeat photo- I ate this without the shrimp, twice.

Afternoon snack: Before body sculpt!

Cinnamon Bread with Dark Chocolate Dreams and Chunky Smart Balance PB

Dinner: It’s a repeat..

Rice and Curry with tons of veggies

Dessert: My favorite dessert when fro-yo is not an option!

My dessert with Dark Chocolate Chips and Fiber One original

As always when I restocked on baby carrots many  were consumed along with some salsa and Trader Jose Super Seeded Chips .

My Folklore and Veganism paper!
I started interviewing locals about their veganism and have heard some very interesting responses, some are vegan for health reasons and others for the environment and animal rights. If you are interested in filling out a quick questionnaire about your veganism let me know! I would love to have a few more responses to supplement my paper.

What is your favorite lunch to pack? I need some new ideas!

Happy Eating!


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