Feel Good Friday- Bucket List Edition

Woo! It is Feel Good Friday!

During my time at UO this summer my roommie and I created a bucket list to ensure that we did everything we wanted with our 8 weeks. The list ranges from “make bread” to an entire day without electronics for recreational uses. Yeah, it is random and LONG. We have completed 8 of our 25 items and only have 2 weeks to finish the list! In the past two days, we have eaten at Voodoo, visited Off the Waffle ( best waffles EVER ), hiked Spencer’s Butte ( it was in the evening too, the city lights were gorgeous at the top), made a 30 minute meal, and have choreographed a dance. Oops, that’s five, not four!  We are rolling right along.

We visited Voodoo last night after choreographing our dance, it was the perfect treat!

Our Kruellers! Mine is maple and hers is glazed. Delicious!

Today was our visit to Off the Waffle, it made the list per my request, I am IN LOVE WITH THOSE WAFFLES. To save money we ordered plain waffles to-go (which is delicious all on its own), but came home and added toppings. I added sliced apples with cinnamon and added a dollop of vanilla yogurt. Mmmm, It was good.

Mine= sliced apple, yogurt, and cinnamon. Hers= gouda, pistachio, and a sliced apple

Originally, we planned on a Rachel Ray or Jamie Oliver 30 minute meal, but we were flexible and decided to create a meal that could be plated in 30 minutes. We set the timer and roommie set to work on her sliders, I started my “poor man’s soup” (veggies and broth), and the boys worked on a tomato/cucumber salad and banana nut muffins. It was a success!  We called out the time every 3-6 minutes and we were plating the meal as the timer chimed.

Sliders, Veggie soup, tomato salad and un-pictured muffins.

We kept calling the soup a “Charlie Bucket Soup” and making Charlie and the Chocolate Factory references through out the evening. This may have been influenced from watching the movie a week ago, but never the less, the soup was delicious and full of veggie nutrients! I ate more when we returned from our hike. Nom.

Poor Man’s s Soup Method:
Serves Four

Wash and cut (or buy pre-washed and cut veggies).
Broccoli, cauliflower, squash, carrot, onion, and any desired
Garlic, to taste
2.5 cans of Vegetable Broth
-Add one can of broth to vegetables in pan and let boil for 5 five minutes
-After 5 minutes add the remaining ingredients and let boil for 15 more minutes
-Bring to a simmer for 5 minutes
-Everything should be finished by the 25-30 minute mark!

My Feel Good moments are everything we have completed on our list annnnd my amazing body sculpting class on Thursday. I have hardly touched my weights this summer and I could feel the difference during the class! I am extremely motivated to go next Tue/Thur to build my strength again, I left super sweaty and ready to chow down on a black bean salad that evening.

What were your favorite parts of the week? A good meal? Activity? Lazy day?


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