Scavenger Hunt Saturday

Today was gorgeous again in the Pacific NorthWest! I think the sun has finally received the memo that it is almost August and that us Pac NW’ers spend most of the year in the rain. We really do  love the sun to show up during the summer months.

Today a bunch of friends and I are splitting into two teams for a scavenger hunt! We are taking photos when we find or complete each item on the list, different items have different point values, whoever earns more points wins! After the scavenger hunt is a homemade pizza party! We are making the dough and everybody else is bringing a topping for the pizza. It is going to be a random assortment of toppings that we know of so far, soy cheese, pineapple and anchovies have been mentioned by guests. Yum, I am hungry just imagining our pizzas!

The last time I made pizza was back in early June, mmmm. It was surprisingly good with beer bread crust, roasted eggplant, feta, cheddar, and possibly my homemade sun dried tomatoes. It is past due for homemade pizza!

This was a winner!

Yesterday, I didn’t complete my planned interval run, it was too hot by the afternoon, so roommie and I went on a 2 hours walk. This included a 45 minute break at Market of Choice to sample their honey and drool over grocery items not in our budget. That being said, TODAY I will hit the gym before our scavenger hunt/pizza party and maybe do a couple sets of weights.


4 thoughts on “Scavenger Hunt Saturday

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