Life. Is. Good.

This school year is already off to a phenomenal start and this is based solely off three specific reasons.

Reason Numero Uno: The gift card I received as thank you for volunteering at an elementary school reading program last year covered the costs for not one, but two books. The first book being *drum roll* Peas and Thank You. I have been ogling this book on the internet ever since the release, I knew not to purchase it before school started because I’d be able to put my gift card to good use. The first recipe I flagged to cook is the Green and Red Lentil Enchilada, it is only 25 minutes of prep and 25 minutes to cook. This is the perfect amount of time to watch a TV show for a study break (Current TV show obsession is Drop Dead Diva, don’t diss it until you watch it!) and it results in 8 enchiladas, hello leftovers! I plan on freezing the delicious monsters for quick weeknight dinners. The other book I purchased with the gift card was not nearly as exciting. It’s a text for an English credit, I am enrolled in Autobiography/Biography and picked up the book Full Moon at Noontide(I secretly love to read autobiographies and this will likely be my favorite class this semester. (Shh, I know, it’s nerdy, don’t tell!)

Reason Numero Dos:  Today was my last official chance to sleep in and I was finally able to sleep in until the late hour of 9:30 AM, It’s almost like I’m a college student that slept away half the day, oh wait…I am. I should really work on sleeping past nine for the coming weekends.

Banana Blueberry Fro-yo with strawberries and TJ's PB nuggets.

Reason Numero Tres: My first grocery shopping trip to stock the fridge was filled with usual items, but I added two new products to the mix. All over the blogosphere healthy living bloggers rave about the Trader Joe’s Peanut Butter filled Pretzel Nuggets; thee nuggets have been referred to as “crack,” so it became necessary I try them at least once. Mmmm, you bloggers weren’t kidding. These little nuggets are, indeed, delicious. I even smuggled a couple in to the mall to throw on top of my fro-yo today, and it was a blissfully wise decision. My other new purchase was a jar of The Bee’s Knees from PB&CO PB.The only other PB flavor I’ve sampled from them is Dark Chocolate Dreams (I am down to my last tablespoon!) and this flavor was also very good. I will continue to be partial to the Dark Chocolate variety because it is so flavorful, and I love chocolate, but the Bee’s Knees was not a let down. I smothered my english muffin with the creamy spread and a dollop of raspberry jam for a sweet and satisfying evening meal.

The no salt added variety, it is still delicious as the normal variety, but not nearly as addicting!
I think you need a closer look, much better.

The other peanut butter that stole my heart.

Pairing it with my raspberry jelly is a highly encouraged and splendid decision.

After chatting with friends all afternoon and continuing to organize my room I am ready for a quiet evening before my 7:00 am alarm. I think I’ll sit down and crack open Full Moon at Noontide, I am that nerdy. It’s technically a novel and not a textbook so I’m not really starting homework before it’s due.

What’s your nerdy habit?


Hustle and Bustle

Tacoma? Is that you??

Why yes, yes it is. It has been far too long, I’d forgotten what you smelled looked like, but I’m sure in five minutes everything will be familiar again. I awoke, unintentionally, at the bright and early hour of 7:20 AM when our two cats played hockey with my packed bathroom bag. The cats won the round and the bag ended up on the bathroom floor with a loud THUNK.

*Insert groan followed by excitement upon realization I return to school today*

These are my meals/snacks in reverse. For our final dinner my mom, dad, and I ate out at Anthony’s, a lovely restaurant on the waterfront. We were seated just as the sun was setting.

My Rockfish Sante Fe Taco. Mango Salsa and Cabbage. The large picture is needed so you can get the full effect of its awesomeness.

It was still too early to want to leave my cozy bed, but a 25 minute internal debate ended with me throwing on gym clothes to fit in a workout before the big day that would follow. I can honestly say I never regret a workout and today was not an exception! The treadmill has a handy-dandy interval workout taped to side of the screen and I used it fora semi-easy recovery workout. (The weight workout from yesterday made me extremely sore.) 3 miles, 30 minutes later I was a happy sweaty mess ready for a pancake and to greet the rest of the world.

Padre's smoked salmon and mashed potatoes. It was the "best salmon he'd had in weeks.
Madre's crab cakes, these too were delicious!
Our Shrimp, Crab, and Artichoke dip to kick off the meal.

The drive normally takes about three hours, but today, traffic was exceptionally bad and was stop/go all the way through Portland. We finally arrived in Tacoma 45 minutes later than anticipated. The next few hours  consisted of welcome backs hugs, unpacking, gossiping (a house full of girls, this is expected), decorating and a brief rest on my new bed.

My driving fuel. English muffin, egg, and cheese. I am OBSESSED with breakfast sandwiches.

After dinner with my parents I returned home and continued to unpack for another hour and catch up with friends. Eventually midnight arrived and I was beyond ready for bed. The next day would be a full day of book buying, grocery shopping, a lunch with the girls of my house, taking a break to watch the boy’s soccer game and more reunions. I doubt sleeping in will be possible! I am overly excited for the new school year just to see everyone again, I almost feel like a Kindergartner waiting for their first day.

Delicious blueberry oatmeal pancake! It may have crumpled during the flip, but the flavor withstood the fall!

When is your first day of work or school?
Do you have any special traditions on the first day?

WIAW- The Final Home Edition

*BREAKING NEWS!* 21 days until my 21st Birthday!! Official countdown has begun. I may make a chain and tear a link off each day…


This time next week I will be in class! Literally.  I have class on Tuesdays from 3-6, I only hope that we have a couple of breaks because that is waaaay too long to be sitting. I am extremely excited to head back to school and also nervous for what they year will bring! I’m living in a house with 4 of my sorority sisters, but only two of us will be cooking full-time! The other girls have partial meal plans, but that just means the other girl and I will have a lot of space in the fridge for ourselves!

Breakfast:  Today was indecisiveness at its finest. Oatmeal? Eggs? Cereal? Oatmeal and Cereal, I’ll postpone eggs until lunch!  I didn’t realize it was so blurry, apologies! *and  half of an unpictured Bosc Pear was consumed!

Love my Fiber One! The new Honey Squares remind me of a cross between Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Golden Grahams. Delish with almond milk! The oats are simply honey and cinnamon. My morning sweet tooth was satisfied.

I started my grocery shopping list last week (yes, I am an eager beaver) and I’m collecting as many staple pantry items while I’m at home to decrease the bill on the first grocery shopping trip. BBQ sauce, Dijon Mustard, Teriyaki Sauce, Cinnamon, Vanilla, Oats, Olive Oil, Balsamic Vinegar, Fiber One original/honey squares, and Dark Chocolate Chips (dark chocolate is essential!)

The rest of my produce, grains, protein and dairy will be purchased back on campus. Eggs are a daily eat because they are quick and filling and extremely versatile, I can eat them at any meal! My recent favorite dinner with eggs was mashed garlic cauliflower and an over easy egg. Dinner in 15 minutes or three minutes if the cauliflower is already mashed!

Lunch: Return of the frittata! I used leftover veggies from last night, thanks to the Green Giant, and whipped up lunch in two minutes.

Healthy Vision Veggies in an olive oil sauce with one egg and an egg white. I was afraid the shape would be lost when transferred to a plate, so I snapped a picture pre-move. Good thing! It did crumble during transit.

I ate this and sipped my 2nd 24oz black tea (I average 20-40 oz of tea daily…is that excessive?) while reading The Help.  The barista made my day when she told me the tea was on the house because she was taking too long!!

Tazo Awake Tea.

I will bust out my travel mug when I return to campus and my tea consumption may increase again, good thing green tea is extremely healthy!

Snack: Almond butter and Strawberry Jelly sandwich, Carrot sticks, the other half of my pear, and a handful of dark chocolate chips (See! Essential!)

With my next ripe pear I plan to put thin slices inside of my sandwich. Adult version of the PB&J!

*Insert a much needed nap* Even after yesterday’s draining drive/activities I slept less well than anticipated. I awoke and felt inspired to bake falafel balls to take back to school with me! It’s all apart of my master plan! Bake and cook as much as possible before Friday and have tons of ready to go snacks/meals when I arrive on campus. Tomorrow I will show you the final product, the mixture is currently chilling for 30 more minutes.

Dinner: Puff Pastry Pizza, Grilled Chicken, Salad, Broccoli with MaMa Pea’s Mmm Sauce, and steamed zucchini and squash. I.Am.So.Full. The pizza was inspired by one of my mom’s friends. We also used the Mmm Sauce as its base and then layered tomatoes, mozzarella, and olives on top.

Prior to slicing the pizza. It needs two pictures, it was that good.

I’m considering making a large batch of the Mmm sauce and freezing it (part of the masterplan) to take to school. Does anyone know if the sauce thaws well?

Dessert/Snack #2 will be a yogurt parfait! I made this one yesterday and I’m craving it once again!

Honey Sqaures, Strawberry Yogurt, and Fresh Strawaberries.

After a walk with a friend tonight I will continue compiling recipes for my lunches and dinners for the school week. I have so many recipes I want to try before I leave, and after this WIAW I’m sure there will be even more, but I am running out of time! Mrs. Stahl’s Sour Cream Coffee Cake is next on the list, I’m going to attempt to freeze this, fingers crossed!

Do you freeze meals for quick reheats for busy nights?
What is your favorite 15 minute dinner?

[Fresh Fig Cookies]

Thursday we visited Costco and I insisted that we buy fresh figs, I had no idea what I wanted to cook/bake with the little darlings, I only knew I wanted to be inventive. Tonight, the night before we host a BBQ tomorrow, after reading countless recipes I decided on cookies. I didn’t want to have to buy any extra ingredients and cookies are hard to mess-up.

You will only need three bowls for this recipe and 10-11 fresh figs (that is equal to ~2 cups chopped figs.) My recipe yielded 54 small/medium cookies and according to Recipe Nutrition each cookies has approximately 85 calories. The figs have a large amount of calories in them themselves, but they also provide a terrific amount of nutrients for a balanced diet. They supply 30% of daily fiber, 15% potassium, 15% magnesium needs and are great source of calcium. Now, when you bite into one of these cookies you can do so with a clearer conscience.

Fresh Figs- Chopped and ready!

Fresh Fig Cookies “Mookies”

Yields ~54 cookies


3 &2/3 C Flour

1 &1/8C Sugar (I added 10 packets of artificial sweetener in the measuring cup and then added the remaining sugar)

2 t Baking powder

2t Baking soda

1.5t Cinnamon

2t Ground cloves

1t Salt

1 & 3/4 Sticks butter

1 Egg and 1 Egg white

~2C Chopped figs

optional 2T Milk, if needed


1. Pre-heat oven to 350.
2. Cream butter and sugar and then add the eggs.

Prior to creaming the sugar/butter/egg

3. Sift together dry ingredients, then mix with wet ingredients.

Mixed and ready for its figgy counterpart. *Prior to adding milk for added moisture.

4. When all is well combined, fold in the figs. (I used my hands at this point to ensure the dough was fully combined.)
5. *Optional: add in chocolate chips, raisins, walnuts to the mix.

The final mix-in!

6. Drop cookies on cookies sheet and bake 12-15 minutes. They will puff like a macaroon and begin to turn golden.

54 figgy friends frantically fearing consumption!

These cookies, I prefer to call mookies are cake like and have a very light texture similar to a muffin. For sweeter cookies add more sugar, but also increase the butter and moisture to compensate for the added dry ingredient. I cut down on the fats in an attempt to healthify the recipe!

Please try variations and let me know how yours turn out!

Do you ever cook or bake with fresh/dried figs?

Feel-Good Friday..err Spirited Saturday? [Blueberry Crisp]

Good Afternoon! I intended to finish this post up yesterday, but time got away from me, but this allowed for more photo snapping!

I would not identify myself as a coffee drinker, but today I have already had a 16oz coffee with a splash of milk and  three teaspoons of espresso powder in my morning oats. I am exhausted. Before I drive up to Portland tonight I forsee a Dutch Bros. stop in my future. Iced Chai? I had an Iced Decaf Almond Latte.  It wan an excellent decision, perfect amount of caffeine to sustain me while we drove. It has become more apparent over the course of the summer that I enjoy an early (11:30-midnight) bedtime and semi-early mornings.  But, the reason for my exhaustion is entirely by choice and make the cut for my Feel-Good Friday moments this week; the feel-good moments are*Drum roll*:

1. Late night baking session to catch up with a friend. A flour war ensued, we watched a terrifically bad horror movie. Have you watched Lo? The demon looks like cross between Voldemort and The Grinch, that is in itself comical and there are musical numbers. Please watch this movie for a laugh!

Wild Eyed with flour and chocolate wounds upon our cheeks.
Blueberry Crisp

This is the recipe we followed. It took 5 minutes to prep, easiest crisp I’ve ever made. The flavor is tarter than the usual crisp; personally I enjoy the natural flavor from the berries instead of the additional sweetness from excess sugar.

Blueberry Crisp:

•    2 cups unsweetened blueberries (fresh or frozen, thawed and well-drained)
•    1 tablespoon flour
•    1 tablespoon sugar
Toss together flour and sugar.  Mix together with blueberries and place in a 9×9 inch glass baking dish.
•    1/2 cup old fashioned (slow-cooking) oats
•    1 teaspoon cinnamon
•    1 tablespoon flour
•    1 tablespoon brown sugar
•    2 tablespoon butter, melted
1. Mix all topping ingredients together. Sprinkle on top of blueberry filling.
2. Bake at 350 degrees for 45 minutes.
Makes 6 servings.

The crisp with a side of chocolate-chip biscotti! Decadent!

The Chocolate Chip Biscotti was also very easy and tasty (for my first attempt) at biscotti! I love the crunch biscotti has and how well it absorbs liquid, ie. afternoon pick-me up coffee. Be on the look out for this recipe!

The next day my friend and I drove to P-town to help our friend pack up her apartment and celebrate the end of summer term!

We ate at a local corner Mexican restaurant, delicious would be an understatement. My chicken enchilada burst with flavor and, if you will,  sent me home a happy camper. My friends indulged in a burrito and a tamale.

El restaurante!
El burrito. Demolished
Tamale y Enchilada con pollo. Muy bien.

You would think that after all this food we would be stuffed, no? Well, maaaybe, but we waited until 9:30 to walk down to the local Fro-yo, Lucky Spoon.

Lucky Spoon offers 12 different flavor selections, one is a dairy free sorbet and dozens of toppings.

My selections for the evening included, cheesecake and snickerdoodle. Luck Spoon has sprinkles!!! It filled a void in my heart that the other fro-yo joint was not able. I also added a couple white chocolate chips, strawberries and a cookies piece. I was going for the strawberry cheesecake effect with that combination.

First topping bar.
2nd bar of toppings.
Enthusiastically making our selections!
The end result. Perfection.

My other “feel-good”/”spirited” time was hanging out with my friends. We only have 6 days left together until two of us head back to school and the other is going to Athens for a study abroad program. We’ve gotta make the most of our time!

What were your feel-good moments this week?

WIAW- Back at home

Thanks Jen for hosting:


Being home has its advantages. Numero Uno: An (almost) fully stocked kitchen. Numero Dos: A supply of leftovers. (perfect for laziness). I love being able to utilize both of these points.

Breakfast:  This was second breakfast. Kale, Mozzarella, Bell pepper, and tomato.  The first was a small raspberry and bloob smoothie before a fitness class.

Errands needed to completed this afternoon and I accompanied my mom on her trip. We grabbed fro-yo to fuel us through our tasks before I had a real lunch.

Lunch: Strawberry/Vanilla and Chocolate/PB Twirl. (They didn’t have sprinkles or raspberries!!) I was at loss for toppings, but settled for a little kit-kat, chopped cherry and a single circus cookie. *Note my mom’s painted toes and sandal in the upper corner, whoops!

Lunch Part Two: Mixed Veggies with peanut sauce and a Morning Star Sausage Patty. This was my first time trying the sausage variety and I was disappointed, it was dry and lacking flavor. Mixing the patty with the veggies and peanut sauce helped to disguise what the patty lacked. I also snacked on Carrots/Tortilla Chips and Hummus while reading The Help.  Go see the movie! I’m sure it will be winning awards!

The light makes it looks less appetizing than it actually was, peanut sauce makes everything taste good.

Dinner: My friend and I made Mashed Cauliflower, this was my second attempt and the first dish was much better than this one, but I will continue to perfect the proportion of ingredients. We also ate Sweet Potato Medallions, (unpictured) Grilled Chicken, and Salad.

We ate in courses, too hungry to wait for the chicken to come off the grill. Brown sugar atop my medallions!

Dessert: Was the main event. We debated going out for fro-yo. Nixed due to our poor college student funds. We considered eating leftover blueberry cobbler. I unintentionally nixed this, oddly enough, it is too sweet for me. Ultimatley, we decided on Root Beer Floats. My house is lacking in the root beer department, so we ended up spending money anyway, but it was well worth the 1.85 per bottle.

We wanted to eat out of the sundae cups, but they are too small!

Instead, we busted out the big boys which held human sized portions of beverage and ice cream.

Much more adequate annnd festive. Summertime umbrella.

With our rootbeer floats we snuggled up with blankets and sat down to watch the new Jane Eyre. It’s a beautiful movie, great shots and stupendous acting. I’m sure this will also be up for nominations at the Oscar’s.

Now off to bed before tomorrow mornings pump class and some fun Frisbee (Disc) golf in the afternoon. I hope I remember how to throw a Frisbee…

Have you seen a great movie recently?

Are you reading any books that you’d recommend?

Survey Time and FlatOut Review

Hey There Blogger Friends,

I thought I would mix things up today jump on the bandwagon and fill out a myspace-esque survey. Tori, this was a grand idea! After I finally finished Water For Elephants I needed something to do and filling out one of these babies seemed like a perfect diversion.


Been to a foreign country: Yes, but only our bordering countries. Can you believe it took me 20 years to make it to Canada? I hope to study abroad in Spain next spring/summer!

Broken a bone: No, *knock on wood* but I have had my cranium stitched up.

Gotten a speeding ticket: No sir

Been to a concert: Remember Katy Perry, last month?! And also Of Montreal, long long ago.

Been in a mosh pit: I enjoyed my seat, I need a few more inches before moshing would be comfortable/safe.

This isn't a FlatOut, but I have used my Light FlatOuts for b-fast burritos too!

Gone skydiving: No, and I don’t plan on it. I am most definitely not  and adrenaline junkie.

Gone scuba diving: I haven’t, but this I will consider.

Been on a roller coaster: Yes, but see above, not my favorite thing, i.e. not a thrill seeker.

Been in an ocean: The Pacific and the Atlantic. It also happened to be with sharks on one occasion, whoops!

FlatOut Review:

If you’ve been reading my posts for a while you may have noticed my mild obsession with FlatOuts. These were my favorite discovery of June. FlatOuts are extremely versatile, they can be used for wraps, pizzas, quesadillas, or make your own tortilla/pita chips!

The Multi-Grain with Flax Flatout Veggie Wrap
This is my current favorite variety.

The other variety I tried was the light version of original, it was also the only option at the grocery store. While the wrap was still good, it lacked the flavor that the Multi-Grain with Flax had and was also significantly drier than the Grain variety. I the light variety as a vehicle for dipping in hummus, as a wrap shell, and for apple quesadillas. The light variety got the job done, but left much to be desired. I highly recommend trying these wraps for your lunches/dinners in the future. Not sure which to buy first? Go with the Multi-Grain, I plan on trying the Kidz FlatOut next for making snacks and there flatbread Fold-It variety next.

FlatOuts are especially ideal for college students/those on the go because if need be, you can eat your meal in one hand on the go. Think, PB and J rolled or any of the meals I’ve made are quick and easy, that is almost always my goal!

Check out the company website for meal ideas and ways to put their wraps to good use. You won’t regret trying these!


Coffee or Cappuccino: Coffee, with lots of milk, vanilla and caramel. Okay, really just Carmel Macchiato DECAF. Caffeine in coffee makes me tremble.

Pepsi or Coke: Confession: I have recently become addicted to Diet Coke…I need an intervention STAT.

Dog or Cat: Cats, but when I have house you can bet there will also be a dog and it will not be of the ankle biter variety.

My spinach/pesto/olive/mushroom pizza on multi-grain FlatOut

Doughnuts or Bagels: English muffins? But, apple fritters and maple kruelers have a place in my heart.

Day or Night: Day, I love waking up early and enjoying the morning sun.

Ice tea or Hot tea: Mmm, iced tea daylight hours and hot tea in the evening.

Rain or Snow: Snow, it’s still a novelty here in the NW.

Sweet or Sour: Sweet, I love my sweet morning oats, sweet coffee,sweet strawberry salads.

Preparing for my Quesadilla.

Chocolate or Vanilla: Vanilla, it can be dressed up with anything. A great base.

Hug or Kiss: Hugs, always comforting.


Have you used FlatOuts in your meals?

Shop Til You Drop- [Apple Quesadillas]

I am officially home for the rest of the summer, all two weeks of it and can decompress. Not even 24 hours after being home my friend and I hit up the local mall (as local as a 45 minute drive to the mall can be…) The drive gave us ample time to catch up and prepare ourselves for the delicious fro-yo we we would soon be consuming. We ended up getting the same two flavors, vanilla and cheesecake, mine was topped with sprinkles (of course) and strawberries.

Haa, yeah this isn't the fro-yo, BUT it is yogurt! I didn't realize when I stuck it in the freezer initially that it needed to be stirred! The chocolate is on the bottom. I ended up dumping 95% before I realized that and then added my own vanilla yogurt with the chocolate. Topped it with dark chocolate chips and fiber one! VOILA- dessert.

We hit up Dick’s Sporting Good’s for sale items, I scored Nike spandex at a great price! Other notable stores include, Sephora, Victoria’s Secret, H&M, Willams and Sonoma (if we only we could afford anything there.) Macy’s and Nordstrom’s. I had no intentions of buying anything other than one or two pairs of shoes, but somewhere between VS and H&M I’d forgotten about my intentions and bought “necessities”… a cute creame zip-up, a lounge sweater with trendy elbow pads, nail polish…whoops!

Before we went on my shoe hunt we needed to refuel. The fro-yo sent our blood sugar on a downward spiral, Jamba Juice was in order. A 160z Strawberry Nirvana with immunity, please. JAMBA!  Phew! Both of us  feeling alive once again we trekked onward, Nordstrom as our Holy Grail.

Strawberry Nirvana and Mango Go-Go to rescue these weary shoppers.

One of the fastest shoe shopping experiences I’ve had, we were in and out of the store at 20 minutes flat WITH not one, but TWO pairs of shoes at a decent price. This is is what I deem a triumphant success. Check these kicks!

My first pair of Toms, I'm not 100% sure about them yet, do you love your Toms?

Yup, and those hot pink babes are Classic Nikes, did I ever mention I love pink?  (Behind the shoes are my movie snacks I plan to smuggle in this afternoon. I’m off to see The Help!)

Now, I’m going to confuse all y’all and show you this crazy box of doughnuts from last Thursday. After a dinner out to sushi in Eugene with  6 other people we wanted to show our friend from out of town the lovely Voodoo Doughnuts. We walk inside the establishment and see three HUGE boxes full of doughnuts, “Here, take a box! Only $2.00 for the lot!” Ummm, excuse me?? Apparently no one has ever questioned this offer before and with the quick exchange we headed back to an apartment and set up a doughnut sampler plate. We counted 31 doughnuts. (!!!!!)   Between the seven of us we still weren’t able to make a dent.

Our 31 fried friends.
A few of our friends met their demise with the bread knife. The sample platter.

I’m not usually a doughnut fan, but I do enjoy an apple fritter and the occasional maple krueller.

Today’s recipe is merely more a method, but I ate this Apple Cheddar Quesadilla last week and didn’t want to hold out on you any longer. Without further ado..

Apple Cheddar Quesadilla Method: for two

2 Tortilla (I used a FlatOut)
~1 C cheese ( We used Sharp cheddar and mozz)
3/4 of a medium apple thinly sliced

1. Heat frying pan at a medium-high temperature.
2. Spray pan to keep tortilla from sticking. (Alternatively, grease each side of the tortilla for a crunchier ‘dilla.)
3. On one side of tortilla sprinkle preferred amount of cheese and layer apples.
3 1/2 (As an after thought we thought of adding Laughing Cow spread for even more of a flavor boost, if you try this let me know!)
4. Fold tortilla in half and set in hot pan.
5. Allow to cook 2-4 minutes on each side or until cheese is sufficiently melty.

The goods. Sans cheddar
Finished product, crisped to a tee!

This lunch is the epitome of quick and easy, aside from chopping the apple, almost zero labor is involved and the ingredients are commonly found in all kitchens. You can throw this together in under 15 minutes and believe me, we did, I was STARVED for lunch by the time we ate. Someone was late…

Do you normally dip your quesadilla  in any side sauce?
What is your favorite brand of shoe, running or casual?

WIAW/Feel Good Friday- Pre’s Rock

WIAW(T): What I Ate Wednesday/Thursday…

I am late for the party this week!

Final papers and readings have consumed my time and afternoon naps became a priority/necessity! My eats are much more interesting this time (annnnd, I actually remembered to capture my eats on film!)

I normally don’t buy my tea, but I needed change to print my readings for class and it was an excellent excuse to try a new flavor, Blackberry Black Tea.

20 oz iced!! I like my tea strong and lots of it.

I wish I had made overnight oats because today the apartment was already getting warm at 9:00am. Bad for indoors, but great for the outdoors!

Coconut and mixed berry oats! (Please ignore the weird face.)

Lunch:  Acorn Squash w/ butta, a Balsamic Mint/Basil/Spinach Strawberry Salad, and of course, a Morning Star veggie patty.

Obsessed with balsamic strawberry salads

Snacks: As per usual an Apple and Carrots and Red Roasted Pepper Hummus. No pictures needed, use your imagination?

Dinner:  An authentic Korean dish made by my roommie. Bibimbop is a fried egg, shredded carrots, fried tofu, some good old ‘shrooms, and spinach over a bed of rice. We added a bit of roasted pepper paste and sesame oil and mixed everything together. It’s a quick dish and is FULL of flavor. I plan to attempt this meal in the near future. Fingers crossed!

Bibimbop- Classic Easy Korean Dish. Bucket list item accomplished!

The post is titled Pre’s Rock edition because of my folklore class. Our readings this week were about roadside memorials and shrines and because Eugene is home to the awe-inspiring runner Steve Preofontaine it was expected we’d read about him. If you don’t know who Pre this is him in a nutshell:

  • Was born in Coos Bay, Oregon 1951
  • Amazing runner not naturally gifted. He worked hard for his skill.
  • Almost made the Olympics, came in fourth leaving medal-less.
  • He turned down money for running, even when he needed it most in his life, to maintain his amateur status to remain eligible for the 1976 Olympics
  • He died at age 24, 1975 in a car accident, swerving and hitting a rock wall after dropping a friend home from a party.
  • The wall original an informal memorial now is a landmark and has a formal plaque.
  • Runners will often go and leave their bib numbers, medals, flowers, and notes at the site. They visit for motivation and to “feel close to his spirit” to give them confidence to run.
  • His most well known quote is “To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift”

I had never visited a road side shrine/memorial and it was an eerie experience, the fact that someone had died in that place and that so many people frequently visit because he inspires them. My friend and I experienced first hand how much he still inspires others. When we visited Pre’s Rock another man was already at the site. He immediatley introduced himself and rattled off every fact and quote he knew about Pre. He was visibly distraught, but happy to share his knowledge about Pre and how he inspired him when he was a runner. It had been 30 years since his last visit to the rock and the Eugene area and he wanted to share the moment with someone.

We listened intently to the man until he bid us farewell. I then had the chance to take a few pictures and lay down flowers at the site and we also took our leave. I am by no means a serious runner, but visiting the site and hearing that man’s story about running and Pre inspired me. That evening my friend and I viewed Without LimitsSteve Prefontaine’s life to learn a little more about his life.

It was an incredible experience and I am so glad I made time to visit the site before I left Eugene.

The official memorial
A Pre Angel?
A running statue coming out of the rock wall.


Had you heard of Prefontaine before?

What inspires you to run/eat healthy/live your life?

Also- it’s Friday! Feel Good Moments of the Week:

  • Finished with Finals!
  • Sushi dinner out with new friends.
  • Receiving 31 doughnuts from Voodoo for TWO DOLLARS… for only 7 people…yeah, lots of leftovers.
  • Bittersweet- home for two weeks until Fall term starts.


Slightly Addicted

I never thought this day would arrive, but alas, it has. It’s something that I can safely assume we are all at least mildly addicted to… Ready?

Confession time.

All electronics.

Remember the bucket list?

Yesterday, my roomie and I dubbed an electronic free day (unless class work required the printing of documents.)

I was prepared! The night before I created my strawberry vanilla overnight oats and devoured those before my pilates class at 8:00am, but when I returned home after class my tummy was a rumbblin’ and the only thing prepped was lunch food. So, I caved…I microwaved a egg white puff with salsa and checked to see if roomie had heard. *Cue* suspiciously looking over shoulder at her bedroom door and listening for any sound of movement. Phew, she slept through the beep.


Of course, then my walk to school is long and lonely in early morning, naturally I needed to play some tunes…whoops, that’s an electronic device…oh well, I already used the microwave.

FAST FORWARD through class to 2:00.

Arrive back home.

Enter apartment, roommate emerges from bedroom *yawn* “Man, I guess I was really tired, I just woke-up! Have you used electronics yet today??”

*insert overly long pause*  Me: “Uhhhh, maybe…

We decided that from this point on that she can use the microwave at least once. The next few hours consist of reading, and short nap. (Water For Elephants,  I’m loving it and wish I had spent more time on it earlier in the summer,)

I then realize that after I awoke from my nap, she had also gone back to sleep! What?! Ohhh, I get it….if she sleeps through the entire day then she won’t even miss technology…. From 3:00-7:30 I try and pass the time with puzzles, chopping veggies, walking to Safeway and not buying anything, more reading and then I completely cave.

BEEP BEEP- Could it be?? My text tone?! I thought I had turned my phone off…oh well…no harm in checking.

It was an offer to go grab some fro-yo, ummm, YES, PLEASE! I was on the verge of insanity, too much alone time…in silence.

Strawberry Banana Fro-yo- Uh-mazing!

Just as we are leaving roomie wakes up and when I return we decide that we may as well call it a bust.

On goes the oven, microwave, computers, music and the selection of a movie.

Even though it was mostly a failure, we (*cough* I) halfheartedly went most of the day electronic free. Also, I can honestly say I did not use my computer until 9:00 that night and that is usually my biggest time waster. 

Do you have any bad habits or addictions?

Do you ever go technology free?


*Sorry, only one was supposed to be technology free…lolz