Another Monday

Today started off with Pilates just as the past three Mondays have,  I was more than ready to stretch out and work my muscles. I attempted a run this weekend in the first heatwave of the summer and my legs were not willing to push through. I’ve vowed to start running at least 3 days a week so I won’t completely fall off the fitness wagon.

After finally feeling stretched out and alive again after Pilates, class, and a nap I hit the gym to do an air conditioned run. I’d forgotten how much easier it is to run indoors without the beating sun! It makes my minimum of 3 runs a week much more attainable. Enough of that, moving on to the eats and scavenger hunt highlights!

We compiled a list by combing a bunch of items from other lists online. Each item that that team completed was worth points, the more difficult the challenge the higher the point value. Pictures were taken to prove the completion of each item. The final score was 88 to 86. My team won!!

Find someone to pull a rabbit out of a hat
Pump a stranger's gas. (Illegal in Oregon, we pretended)

After we completed this item, the gas attendant approached the man and asked if he was a celebrity! It was too funny.

Find someone to serenade your team
Spell out the YMCA at a YMCA

We asked this little boy to help us out, he was thoroughly confused why we need to spell  it out…

Wear a headset and man a fast food drive-thru

This was one of the highest point value items and was definitley the reason we won the game. The manager was excited to help out our team and lead us to victory! The other team didn’t even attempt to complete this item.

After we tallied the points we were starved from the 1.5 hours we spent running around town. We rolled out the dough and started adding toppings to the dough.

Crust Recipe courtesy of Jamie Oliver
Making pizzas after the hunt.
One of the finished pizzas

Yup, that’s my pink pepper spray in the corner! I carry it everywhere with my house keys attached. Stylish safety.

Scavenger hunts are one of the best ways to be active in a completely unintentional way, we sprinted from building to building and chased people down the street. Yes, chased. We needed a man walking a dog and there were surprisingly very few in the area. We all reminisced about our last scavenger hunt and all the hunts were prior to our high school careers. I forsee more scavengers hunts in my future.

When was the last time you went on a scavenger hunt?
Do you make homemade pizza often?


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