This week I mixed up my groceries a little, I branched out and bought a few new products to try.

Breakfast: I’ve been buying eggs and egg whites to make scrambles in the morning. Mushrooms, Squash, Asparagus, Broccoli, and Tomatoes have all found there way in to my scrambles at some point during the past week. One of my prettier scrambles was this one:

Mmm, baby(cherry) tomatoes are my favorite. Each bite is a burst of juice!

Snackage: Carrots are the worst snack to have in class. With every bite the eyes of my classmates glanced/glared at me. I could have stopped, but the PB/carrot combo was worth the glances from the students. Plus, I was hungry.

In class snack- DCD PB and Crunchy Smart Balance PB. Mmmm

Yes, it may not look like much, but this is Stouffers Simple Dishes: Spinach Souffle and it is delicious. The ingredients list has less than 8 items and i’m sure a homemade version could be whipped up in 10 minutes flat. Either way, I’ve been adding this as a side to my lunches the past few days.

3 portions- a perfect side to any meal AND it has a short ingredients list. I want to try to make my own to freeze to have on hand.


I love Morning Star Patties, they are a new obsession because of the ease for a quick meal and the high quality taste for a frozen item.

Afternoon Snack/Lunch- Morning Star Veggie Patty, Mozarella slice, spinach souffle, and of course, cherry tomatoes.

Dinner:  Frittata! My quick and easy go to dinner.

Roasted Yams, Spinach/Mushroom/Onion Frittata


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