Feel Good Friday- Sweet Life Edition

TGIF…yes, I am mildly obsessed with this song, especially after the concert. The concert feels like it happened eons ago, I guess two weeks during summer is a long time ago…

Yesterday, I teased you with the picture of a Chocolate Chip Black Bottomed Cupcake freshly made from a local patisserie, Sweet Life. This dessert shop has a great atmosphere, cute indoor decor, indoor and outdoor seating, and think I even saw games for patrons to play. The shop will make specialized orders that are wheat free, vegan, and diabetic friendly with natural artificial sweeteners. If you aren’t convinced to visit the shop yet, maybe this will persuade you..

I used my iphone for the pictures, so the quality leaves something to be desired, sorry!

OR maybe you prefer fruit tarts…

Fresh local berries, can it get any better?

Those pictures don’t even begin to show you everything they offer! Exotic gelato flavors, “booze balls” ( they are extremely reminiscent of CCK cookie dough balls, but probably not as healthy!), monster sized cookies, cakes, espresso, and sweet and savory lunch and breakfast pastries. I spent a good 10 minutes trying to decide what to order, the gelato was calling my name, but I wanted to try something unique to the patisserie, so I decided to split this monster cupcake. The Chocolate Chip Black Bottomed Cupcake, mmm, yeah, it was a good choice. The texture of the top portion with the chocolate chips was reminiscent of cheesecake and the chocolate part of the cupcake was light and moist.  I wish I could say splitting it with someone we were able to eat it all, but there were a few bites left uneaten.


My roommate ordered a Josephine, a pastry shell with a vanilla custard centered, it looked just as amazing as my cupcake. Sweet Life makes a point to preset their desserts in the best fashion. Our plates were dusted with cocoa powder and swirled with chocolate sauce, twas a great finishing touch.

Fresh Strawberry Jam dollops
Inside of Sweet Life before we devour our decadent desserts

Everything was pretty reasonably priced, especially because the quality of the dessert is fantastic, and they have late hours, perfect for college town. We can now cross off another bucket list item, Visit Sweet Life. With 8 days to go we still have 11 items to complete, most of these are planned out, but I think a few of these will take a lot of time…finish another book (on top of readings for class)…yeah we’ll see how that goes. I am only half way through Water For Elephants, but it is a quick read, so there is hope!


Feel Good Moments of the Week:

  • Visiting Sweet Life
  • Cooking a great dinner (pictures to come soon!)
  • Canceled Class, allowing me time to enjoy the sun!
  • Playing mini golf, you can never out grow the game.

What were your feel good moments this week?
Does your town have a specialty dessert shop?




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