Slightly Addicted

I never thought this day would arrive, but alas, it has. It’s something that I can safely assume we are all at least mildly addicted to… Ready?

Confession time.

All electronics.

Remember the bucket list?

Yesterday, my roomie and I dubbed an electronic free day (unless class work required the printing of documents.)

I was prepared! The night before I created my strawberry vanilla overnight oats and devoured those before my pilates class at 8:00am, but when I returned home after class my tummy was a rumbblin’ and the only thing prepped was lunch food. So, I caved…I microwaved a egg white puff with salsa and checked to see if roomie had heard. *Cue* suspiciously looking over shoulder at her bedroom door and listening for any sound of movement. Phew, she slept through the beep.


Of course, then my walk to school is long and lonely in early morning, naturally I needed to play some tunes…whoops, that’s an electronic device…oh well, I already used the microwave.

FAST FORWARD through class to 2:00.

Arrive back home.

Enter apartment, roommate emerges from bedroom *yawn* “Man, I guess I was really tired, I just woke-up! Have you used electronics yet today??”

*insert overly long pause*  Me: “Uhhhh, maybe…

We decided that from this point on that she can use the microwave at least once. The next few hours consist of reading, and short nap. (Water For Elephants,  I’m loving it and wish I had spent more time on it earlier in the summer,)

I then realize that after I awoke from my nap, she had also gone back to sleep! What?! Ohhh, I get it….if she sleeps through the entire day then she won’t even miss technology…. From 3:00-7:30 I try and pass the time with puzzles, chopping veggies, walking to Safeway and not buying anything, more reading and then I completely cave.

BEEP BEEP- Could it be?? My text tone?! I thought I had turned my phone off…oh well…no harm in checking.

It was an offer to go grab some fro-yo, ummm, YES, PLEASE! I was on the verge of insanity, too much alone time…in silence.

Strawberry Banana Fro-yo- Uh-mazing!

Just as we are leaving roomie wakes up and when I return we decide that we may as well call it a bust.

On goes the oven, microwave, computers, music and the selection of a movie.

Even though it was mostly a failure, we (*cough* I) halfheartedly went most of the day electronic free. Also, I can honestly say I did not use my computer until 9:00 that night and that is usually my biggest time waster. 

Do you have any bad habits or addictions?

Do you ever go technology free?


*Sorry, only one was supposed to be technology free…lolz


3 thoughts on “Slightly Addicted

  1. No cooking devices?? That sounds hard!!! Does the grill count? I’ve never tried it to THAT extent but while I was at the lake in Mich we had no cell service which was hard for me because I text waaaaaay too much for my own good and I missed that! 🙂

  2. I love the idea of going technology free! I always prided myself on not being dependent on the computer / phone / TV, but that all changed when I started blogging and got a smart phone. Ugh, I’m on that thing constantly!! It’s pretty much the reason that I fall asleep so late every night.

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