WIAW/Feel Good Friday- Pre’s Rock

WIAW(T): What I Ate Wednesday/Thursday…

I am late for the party this week!

Final papers and readings have consumed my time and afternoon naps became a priority/necessity! My eats are much more interesting this time (annnnd, I actually remembered to capture my eats on film!)

I normally don’t buy my tea, but I needed change to print my readings for class and it was an excellent excuse to try a new flavor, Blackberry Black Tea.

20 oz iced!! I like my tea strong and lots of it.

I wish I had made overnight oats because today the apartment was already getting warm at 9:00am. Bad for indoors, but great for the outdoors!

Coconut and mixed berry oats! (Please ignore the weird face.)

Lunch:  Acorn Squash w/ butta, a Balsamic Mint/Basil/Spinach Strawberry Salad, and of course, a Morning Star veggie patty.

Obsessed with balsamic strawberry salads

Snacks: As per usual an Apple and Carrots and Red Roasted Pepper Hummus. No pictures needed, use your imagination?

Dinner:  An authentic Korean dish made by my roommie. Bibimbop is a fried egg, shredded carrots, fried tofu, some good old ‘shrooms, and spinach over a bed of rice. We added a bit of roasted pepper paste and sesame oil and mixed everything together. It’s a quick dish and is FULL of flavor. I plan to attempt this meal in the near future. Fingers crossed!

Bibimbop- Classic Easy Korean Dish. Bucket list item accomplished!

The post is titled Pre’s Rock edition because of my folklore class. Our readings this week were about roadside memorials and shrines and because Eugene is home to the awe-inspiring runner Steve Preofontaine it was expected we’d read about him. If you don’t know who Pre this is him in a nutshell:

  • Was born in Coos Bay, Oregon 1951
  • Amazing runner not naturally gifted. He worked hard for his skill.
  • Almost made the Olympics, came in fourth leaving medal-less.
  • He turned down money for running, even when he needed it most in his life, to maintain his amateur status to remain eligible for the 1976 Olympics
  • He died at age 24, 1975 in a car accident, swerving and hitting a rock wall after dropping a friend home from a party.
  • The wall original an informal memorial now is a landmark and has a formal plaque.
  • Runners will often go and leave their bib numbers, medals, flowers, and notes at the site. They visit for motivation and to “feel close to his spirit” to give them confidence to run.
  • His most well known quote is “To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift”

I had never visited a road side shrine/memorial and it was an eerie experience, the fact that someone had died in that place and that so many people frequently visit because he inspires them. My friend and I experienced first hand how much he still inspires others. When we visited Pre’s Rock another man was already at the site. He immediatley introduced himself and rattled off every fact and quote he knew about Pre. He was visibly distraught, but happy to share his knowledge about Pre and how he inspired him when he was a runner. It had been 30 years since his last visit to the rock and the Eugene area and he wanted to share the moment with someone.

We listened intently to the man until he bid us farewell. I then had the chance to take a few pictures and lay down flowers at the site and we also took our leave. I am by no means a serious runner, but visiting the site and hearing that man’s story about running and Pre inspired me. That evening my friend and I viewed Without LimitsSteve Prefontaine’s life to learn a little more about his life.

It was an incredible experience and I am so glad I made time to visit the site before I left Eugene.

The official memorial
A Pre Angel?
A running statue coming out of the rock wall.


Had you heard of Prefontaine before?

What inspires you to run/eat healthy/live your life?

Also- it’s Friday! Feel Good Moments of the Week:

  • Finished with Finals!
  • Sushi dinner out with new friends.
  • Receiving 31 doughnuts from Voodoo for TWO DOLLARS… for only 7 people…yeah, lots of leftovers.
  • Bittersweet- home for two weeks until Fall term starts.



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