Shop Til You Drop- [Apple Quesadillas]

I am officially home for the rest of the summer, all two weeks of it and can decompress. Not even 24 hours after being home my friend and I hit up the local mall (as local as a 45 minute drive to the mall can be…) The drive gave us ample time to catch up and prepare ourselves for the delicious fro-yo we we would soon be consuming. We ended up getting the same two flavors, vanilla and cheesecake, mine was topped with sprinkles (of course) and strawberries.

Haa, yeah this isn't the fro-yo, BUT it is yogurt! I didn't realize when I stuck it in the freezer initially that it needed to be stirred! The chocolate is on the bottom. I ended up dumping 95% before I realized that and then added my own vanilla yogurt with the chocolate. Topped it with dark chocolate chips and fiber one! VOILA- dessert.

We hit up Dick’s Sporting Good’s for sale items, I scored Nike spandex at a great price! Other notable stores include, Sephora, Victoria’s Secret, H&M, Willams and Sonoma (if we only we could afford anything there.) Macy’s and Nordstrom’s. I had no intentions of buying anything other than one or two pairs of shoes, but somewhere between VS and H&M I’d forgotten about my intentions and bought “necessities”… a cute creame zip-up, a lounge sweater with trendy elbow pads, nail polish…whoops!

Before we went on my shoe hunt we needed to refuel. The fro-yo sent our blood sugar on a downward spiral, Jamba Juice was in order. A 160z Strawberry Nirvana with immunity, please. JAMBA!  Phew! Both of us  feeling alive once again we trekked onward, Nordstrom as our Holy Grail.

Strawberry Nirvana and Mango Go-Go to rescue these weary shoppers.

One of the fastest shoe shopping experiences I’ve had, we were in and out of the store at 20 minutes flat WITH not one, but TWO pairs of shoes at a decent price. This is is what I deem a triumphant success. Check these kicks!

My first pair of Toms, I'm not 100% sure about them yet, do you love your Toms?

Yup, and those hot pink babes are Classic Nikes, did I ever mention I love pink?  (Behind the shoes are my movie snacks I plan to smuggle in this afternoon. I’m off to see The Help!)

Now, I’m going to confuse all y’all and show you this crazy box of doughnuts from last Thursday. After a dinner out to sushi in Eugene with  6 other people we wanted to show our friend from out of town the lovely Voodoo Doughnuts. We walk inside the establishment and see three HUGE boxes full of doughnuts, “Here, take a box! Only $2.00 for the lot!” Ummm, excuse me?? Apparently no one has ever questioned this offer before and with the quick exchange we headed back to an apartment and set up a doughnut sampler plate. We counted 31 doughnuts. (!!!!!)   Between the seven of us we still weren’t able to make a dent.

Our 31 fried friends.
A few of our friends met their demise with the bread knife. The sample platter.

I’m not usually a doughnut fan, but I do enjoy an apple fritter and the occasional maple krueller.

Today’s recipe is merely more a method, but I ate this Apple Cheddar Quesadilla last week and didn’t want to hold out on you any longer. Without further ado..

Apple Cheddar Quesadilla Method: for two

2 Tortilla (I used a FlatOut)
~1 C cheese ( We used Sharp cheddar and mozz)
3/4 of a medium apple thinly sliced

1. Heat frying pan at a medium-high temperature.
2. Spray pan to keep tortilla from sticking. (Alternatively, grease each side of the tortilla for a crunchier ‘dilla.)
3. On one side of tortilla sprinkle preferred amount of cheese and layer apples.
3 1/2 (As an after thought we thought of adding Laughing Cow spread for even more of a flavor boost, if you try this let me know!)
4. Fold tortilla in half and set in hot pan.
5. Allow to cook 2-4 minutes on each side or until cheese is sufficiently melty.

The goods. Sans cheddar
Finished product, crisped to a tee!

This lunch is the epitome of quick and easy, aside from chopping the apple, almost zero labor is involved and the ingredients are commonly found in all kitchens. You can throw this together in under 15 minutes and believe me, we did, I was STARVED for lunch by the time we ate. Someone was late…

Do you normally dip your quesadilla  in any side sauce?
What is your favorite brand of shoe, running or casual?


4 thoughts on “Shop Til You Drop- [Apple Quesadillas]

  1. whoa Michelle…I love all your shoes!! 😀 they’re adorable and gangsta all at the same time 😛 And that yogurt? froyo? looks so delicious haha. I love reading about people meeting up with their girls and just having a simple good time 🙂

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