Survey Time and FlatOut Review

Hey There Blogger Friends,

I thought I would mix things up today jump on the bandwagon and fill out a myspace-esque survey. Tori, this was a grand idea! After I finally finished Water For Elephants I needed something to do and filling out one of these babies seemed like a perfect diversion.


Been to a foreign country: Yes, but only our bordering countries. Can you believe it took me 20 years to make it to Canada? I hope to study abroad in Spain next spring/summer!

Broken a bone: No, *knock on wood* but I have had my cranium stitched up.

Gotten a speeding ticket: No sir

Been to a concert: Remember Katy Perry, last month?! And also Of Montreal, long long ago.

Been in a mosh pit: I enjoyed my seat, I need a few more inches before moshing would be comfortable/safe.

This isn't a FlatOut, but I have used my Light FlatOuts for b-fast burritos too!

Gone skydiving: No, and I don’t plan on it. I am most definitely not  and adrenaline junkie.

Gone scuba diving: I haven’t, but this I will consider.

Been on a roller coaster: Yes, but see above, not my favorite thing, i.e. not a thrill seeker.

Been in an ocean: The Pacific and the Atlantic. It also happened to be with sharks on one occasion, whoops!

FlatOut Review:

If you’ve been reading my posts for a while you may have noticed my mild obsession with FlatOuts. These were my favorite discovery of June. FlatOuts are extremely versatile, they can be used for wraps, pizzas, quesadillas, or make your own tortilla/pita chips!

The Multi-Grain with Flax Flatout Veggie Wrap
This is my current favorite variety.

The other variety I tried was the light version of original, it was also the only option at the grocery store. While the wrap was still good, it lacked the flavor that the Multi-Grain with Flax had and was also significantly drier than the Grain variety. I the light variety as a vehicle for dipping in hummus, as a wrap shell, and for apple quesadillas. The light variety got the job done, but left much to be desired. I highly recommend trying these wraps for your lunches/dinners in the future. Not sure which to buy first? Go with the Multi-Grain, I plan on trying the Kidz FlatOut next for making snacks and there flatbread Fold-It variety next.

FlatOuts are especially ideal for college students/those on the go because if need be, you can eat your meal in one hand on the go. Think, PB and J rolled or any of the meals I’ve made are quick and easy, that is almost always my goal!

Check out the company website for meal ideas and ways to put their wraps to good use. You won’t regret trying these!


Coffee or Cappuccino: Coffee, with lots of milk, vanilla and caramel. Okay, really just Carmel Macchiato DECAF. Caffeine in coffee makes me tremble.

Pepsi or Coke: Confession: I have recently become addicted to Diet Coke…I need an intervention STAT.

Dog or Cat: Cats, but when I have house you can bet there will also be a dog and it will not be of the ankle biter variety.

My spinach/pesto/olive/mushroom pizza on multi-grain FlatOut

Doughnuts or Bagels: English muffins? But, apple fritters and maple kruelers have a place in my heart.

Day or Night: Day, I love waking up early and enjoying the morning sun.

Ice tea or Hot tea: Mmm, iced tea daylight hours and hot tea in the evening.

Rain or Snow: Snow, it’s still a novelty here in the NW.

Sweet or Sour: Sweet, I love my sweet morning oats, sweet coffee,sweet strawberry salads.

Preparing for my Quesadilla.

Chocolate or Vanilla: Vanilla, it can be dressed up with anything. A great base.

Hug or Kiss: Hugs, always comforting.


Have you used FlatOuts in your meals?


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