WIAW- Back at home

Thanks Jen for hosting:


Being home has its advantages. Numero Uno: An (almost) fully stocked kitchen. Numero Dos: A supply of leftovers. (perfect for laziness). I love being able to utilize both of these points.

Breakfast:  This was second breakfast. Kale, Mozzarella, Bell pepper, and tomato.  The first was a small raspberry and bloob smoothie before a fitness class.

Errands needed to completed this afternoon and I accompanied my mom on her trip. We grabbed fro-yo to fuel us through our tasks before I had a real lunch.

Lunch: Strawberry/Vanilla and Chocolate/PB Twirl. (They didn’t have sprinkles or raspberries!!) I was at loss for toppings, but settled for a little kit-kat, chopped cherry and a single circus cookie. *Note my mom’s painted toes and sandal in the upper corner, whoops!

Lunch Part Two: Mixed Veggies with peanut sauce and a Morning Star Sausage Patty. This was my first time trying the sausage variety and I was disappointed, it was dry and lacking flavor. Mixing the patty with the veggies and peanut sauce helped to disguise what the patty lacked. I also snacked on Carrots/Tortilla Chips and Hummus while reading The Help.  Go see the movie! I’m sure it will be winning awards!

The light makes it looks less appetizing than it actually was, peanut sauce makes everything taste good.

Dinner: My friend and I made Mashed Cauliflower, this was my second attempt and the first dish was much better than this one, but I will continue to perfect the proportion of ingredients. We also ate Sweet Potato Medallions, (unpictured) Grilled Chicken, and Salad.

We ate in courses, too hungry to wait for the chicken to come off the grill. Brown sugar atop my medallions!

Dessert: Was the main event. We debated going out for fro-yo. Nixed due to our poor college student funds. We considered eating leftover blueberry cobbler. I unintentionally nixed this, oddly enough, it is too sweet for me. Ultimatley, we decided on Root Beer Floats. My house is lacking in the root beer department, so we ended up spending money anyway, but it was well worth the 1.85 per bottle.

We wanted to eat out of the sundae cups, but they are too small!

Instead, we busted out the big boys which held human sized portions of beverage and ice cream.

Much more adequate annnd festive. Summertime umbrella.

With our rootbeer floats we snuggled up with blankets and sat down to watch the new Jane Eyre. It’s a beautiful movie, great shots and stupendous acting. I’m sure this will also be up for nominations at the Oscar’s.

Now off to bed before tomorrow mornings pump class and some fun Frisbee (Disc) golf in the afternoon. I hope I remember how to throw a Frisbee…

Have you seen a great movie recently?

Are you reading any books that you’d recommend?


6 thoughts on “WIAW- Back at home

  1. buttonss - Cherie

    I love the pink sprinkle cookie in your ‘twirl’
    I dont watch movies too often, I cant bring myself to sit down for that long. I watched Easy A the other night though… was aiggght.

  2. Treating yourself for lunch with a non-conventional meal as delicious as soft-serve, now that sounds AWESOME!! btw shout out to your mamas beautifully painted toes hehe 😉


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