Feel-Good Friday..err Spirited Saturday? [Blueberry Crisp]

Good Afternoon! I intended to finish this post up yesterday, but time got away from me, but this allowed for more photo snapping!

I would not identify myself as a coffee drinker, but today I have already had a 16oz coffee with a splash of milk and  three teaspoons of espresso powder in my morning oats. I am exhausted. Before I drive up to Portland tonight I forsee a Dutch Bros. stop in my future. Iced Chai? I had an Iced Decaf Almond Latte.  It wan an excellent decision, perfect amount of caffeine to sustain me while we drove. It has become more apparent over the course of the summer that I enjoy an early (11:30-midnight) bedtime and semi-early mornings.  But, the reason for my exhaustion is entirely by choice and make the cut for my Feel-Good Friday moments this week; the feel-good moments are*Drum roll*:

1. Late night baking session to catch up with a friend. A flour war ensued, we watched a terrifically bad horror movie. Have you watched Lo? The demon looks like cross between Voldemort and The Grinch, that is in itself comical and there are musical numbers. Please watch this movie for a laugh!

Wild Eyed with flour and chocolate wounds upon our cheeks.
Blueberry Crisp

This is the recipe we followed. It took 5 minutes to prep, easiest crisp I’ve ever made. The flavor is tarter than the usual crisp; personally I enjoy the natural flavor from the berries instead of the additional sweetness from excess sugar.

Blueberry Crisp:

•    2 cups unsweetened blueberries (fresh or frozen, thawed and well-drained)
•    1 tablespoon flour
•    1 tablespoon sugar
Toss together flour and sugar.  Mix together with blueberries and place in a 9×9 inch glass baking dish.
•    1/2 cup old fashioned (slow-cooking) oats
•    1 teaspoon cinnamon
•    1 tablespoon flour
•    1 tablespoon brown sugar
•    2 tablespoon butter, melted
1. Mix all topping ingredients together. Sprinkle on top of blueberry filling.
2. Bake at 350 degrees for 45 minutes.
Makes 6 servings.

The crisp with a side of chocolate-chip biscotti! Decadent!

The Chocolate Chip Biscotti was also very easy and tasty (for my first attempt) at biscotti! I love the crunch biscotti has and how well it absorbs liquid, ie. afternoon pick-me up coffee. Be on the look out for this recipe!

The next day my friend and I drove to P-town to help our friend pack up her apartment and celebrate the end of summer term!

We ate at a local corner Mexican restaurant, delicious would be an understatement. My chicken enchilada burst with flavor and, if you will,  sent me home a happy camper. My friends indulged in a burrito and a tamale.

El restaurante!
El burrito. Demolished
Tamale y Enchilada con pollo. Muy bien.

You would think that after all this food we would be stuffed, no? Well, maaaybe, but we waited until 9:30 to walk down to the local Fro-yo, Lucky Spoon.

Lucky Spoon offers 12 different flavor selections, one is a dairy free sorbet and dozens of toppings.

My selections for the evening included, cheesecake and snickerdoodle. Luck Spoon has sprinkles!!! It filled a void in my heart that the other fro-yo joint was not able. I also added a couple white chocolate chips, strawberries and a cookies piece. I was going for the strawberry cheesecake effect with that combination.

First topping bar.
2nd bar of toppings.
Enthusiastically making our selections!
The end result. Perfection.

My other “feel-good”/”spirited” time was hanging out with my friends. We only have 6 days left together until two of us head back to school and the other is going to Athens for a study abroad program. We’ve gotta make the most of our time!

What were your feel-good moments this week?


One thought on “Feel-Good Friday..err Spirited Saturday? [Blueberry Crisp]

  1. I went with my family (one of our last nights before my brother moves and my sister and I go back to school) to a Mongolian BBQ place called Genghis Grill which was quite delicious and then we got Amy’s ice cream (a local Austin, TX place) and I had white chocolate with fudge sauce. 🙂

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