WIAW- The Final Home Edition

*BREAKING NEWS!* 21 days until my 21st Birthday!! Official countdown has begun. I may make a chain and tear a link off each day…


This time next week I will be in class! Literally.  I have class on Tuesdays from 3-6, I only hope that we have a couple of breaks because that is waaaay too long to be sitting. I am extremely excited to head back to school and also nervous for what they year will bring! I’m living in a house with 4 of my sorority sisters, but only two of us will be cooking full-time! The other girls have partial meal plans, but that just means the other girl and I will have a lot of space in the fridge for ourselves!

Breakfast:  Today was indecisiveness at its finest. Oatmeal? Eggs? Cereal? Oatmeal and Cereal, I’ll postpone eggs until lunch!  I didn’t realize it was so blurry, apologies! *and  half of an unpictured Bosc Pear was consumed!

Love my Fiber One! The new Honey Squares remind me of a cross between Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Golden Grahams. Delish with almond milk! The oats are simply honey and cinnamon. My morning sweet tooth was satisfied.

I started my grocery shopping list last week (yes, I am an eager beaver) and I’m collecting as many staple pantry items while I’m at home to decrease the bill on the first grocery shopping trip. BBQ sauce, Dijon Mustard, Teriyaki Sauce, Cinnamon, Vanilla, Oats, Olive Oil, Balsamic Vinegar, Fiber One original/honey squares, and Dark Chocolate Chips (dark chocolate is essential!)

The rest of my produce, grains, protein and dairy will be purchased back on campus. Eggs are a daily eat because they are quick and filling and extremely versatile, I can eat them at any meal! My recent favorite dinner with eggs was mashed garlic cauliflower and an over easy egg. Dinner in 15 minutes or three minutes if the cauliflower is already mashed!

Lunch: Return of the frittata! I used leftover veggies from last night, thanks to the Green Giant, and whipped up lunch in two minutes.

Healthy Vision Veggies in an olive oil sauce with one egg and an egg white. I was afraid the shape would be lost when transferred to a plate, so I snapped a picture pre-move. Good thing! It did crumble during transit.

I ate this and sipped my 2nd 24oz black tea (I average 20-40 oz of tea daily…is that excessive?) while reading The Help.  The barista made my day when she told me the tea was on the house because she was taking too long!!

Tazo Awake Tea.

I will bust out my travel mug when I return to campus and my tea consumption may increase again, good thing green tea is extremely healthy!

Snack: Almond butter and Strawberry Jelly sandwich, Carrot sticks, the other half of my pear, and a handful of dark chocolate chips (See! Essential!)

With my next ripe pear I plan to put thin slices inside of my sandwich. Adult version of the PB&J!

*Insert a much needed nap* Even after yesterday’s draining drive/activities I slept less well than anticipated. I awoke and felt inspired to bake falafel balls to take back to school with me! It’s all apart of my master plan! Bake and cook as much as possible before Friday and have tons of ready to go snacks/meals when I arrive on campus. Tomorrow I will show you the final product, the mixture is currently chilling for 30 more minutes.

Dinner: Puff Pastry Pizza, Grilled Chicken, Salad, Broccoli with MaMa Pea’s Mmm Sauce, and steamed zucchini and squash. I.Am.So.Full. The pizza was inspired by one of my mom’s friends. We also used the Mmm Sauce as its base and then layered tomatoes, mozzarella, and olives on top.

Prior to slicing the pizza. It needs two pictures, it was that good.

I’m considering making a large batch of the Mmm sauce and freezing it (part of the masterplan) to take to school. Does anyone know if the sauce thaws well?

Dessert/Snack #2 will be a yogurt parfait! I made this one yesterday and I’m craving it once again!

Honey Sqaures, Strawberry Yogurt, and Fresh Strawaberries.

After a walk with a friend tonight I will continue compiling recipes for my lunches and dinners for the school week. I have so many recipes I want to try before I leave, and after this WIAW I’m sure there will be even more, but I am running out of time! Mrs. Stahl’s Sour Cream Coffee Cake is next on the list, I’m going to attempt to freeze this, fingers crossed!

Do you freeze meals for quick reheats for busy nights?
What is your favorite 15 minute dinner?


4 thoughts on “WIAW- The Final Home Edition

  1. Great idea using the Mmm sauce as the pizza sauce! I love that stuff. 🙂

    I don’t freeze entire meals, but I do freeze muffins/bars/cookies. Love having easy access to a breakfast bread or dessert.

  2. WOOOOAH THERE! hello pizza! looks incredibly delicious, you got me craving melted cheese like a mad man now! oh and your yogurt parfait presentation is so cute too! I’d love to start be organized and freeze meals but if i make a big batch of anything, it will be gone and n my tummy before I can throw it in tot he freezer 🙂

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