Hustle and Bustle

Tacoma? Is that you??

Why yes, yes it is. It has been far too long, I’d forgotten what you smelled looked like, but I’m sure in five minutes everything will be familiar again. I awoke, unintentionally, at the bright and early hour of 7:20 AM when our two cats played hockey with my packed bathroom bag. The cats won the round and the bag ended up on the bathroom floor with a loud THUNK.

*Insert groan followed by excitement upon realization I return to school today*

These are my meals/snacks in reverse. For our final dinner my mom, dad, and I ate out at Anthony’s, a lovely restaurant on the waterfront. We were seated just as the sun was setting.

My Rockfish Sante Fe Taco. Mango Salsa and Cabbage. The large picture is needed so you can get the full effect of its awesomeness.

It was still too early to want to leave my cozy bed, but a 25 minute internal debate ended with me throwing on gym clothes to fit in a workout before the big day that would follow. I can honestly say I never regret a workout and today was not an exception! The treadmill has a handy-dandy interval workout taped to side of the screen and I used it fora semi-easy recovery workout. (The weight workout from yesterday made me extremely sore.) 3 miles, 30 minutes later I was a happy sweaty mess ready for a pancake and to greet the rest of the world.

Padre's smoked salmon and mashed potatoes. It was the "best salmon he'd had in weeks.
Madre's crab cakes, these too were delicious!
Our Shrimp, Crab, and Artichoke dip to kick off the meal.

The drive normally takes about three hours, but today, traffic was exceptionally bad and was stop/go all the way through Portland. We finally arrived in Tacoma 45 minutes later than anticipated. The next few hours  consisted of welcome backs hugs, unpacking, gossiping (a house full of girls, this is expected), decorating and a brief rest on my new bed.

My driving fuel. English muffin, egg, and cheese. I am OBSESSED with breakfast sandwiches.

After dinner with my parents I returned home and continued to unpack for another hour and catch up with friends. Eventually midnight arrived and I was beyond ready for bed. The next day would be a full day of book buying, grocery shopping, a lunch with the girls of my house, taking a break to watch the boy’s soccer game and more reunions. I doubt sleeping in will be possible! I am overly excited for the new school year just to see everyone again, I almost feel like a Kindergartner waiting for their first day.

Delicious blueberry oatmeal pancake! It may have crumpled during the flip, but the flavor withstood the fall!

When is your first day of work or school?
Do you have any special traditions on the first day?


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