Life. Is. Good.

This school year is already off to a phenomenal start and this is based solely off three specific reasons.

Reason Numero Uno: The gift card I received as thank you for volunteering at an elementary school reading program last year covered the costs for not one, but two books. The first book being *drum roll* Peas and Thank You. I have been ogling this book on the internet ever since the release, I knew not to purchase it before school started because I’d be able to put my gift card to good use. The first recipe I flagged to cook is the Green and Red Lentil Enchilada, it is only 25 minutes of prep and 25 minutes to cook. This is the perfect amount of time to watch a TV show for a study break (Current TV show obsession is Drop Dead Diva, don’t diss it until you watch it!) and it results in 8 enchiladas, hello leftovers! I plan on freezing the delicious monsters for quick weeknight dinners. The other book I purchased with the gift card was not nearly as exciting. It’s a text for an English credit, I am enrolled in Autobiography/Biography and picked up the book Full Moon at Noontide(I secretly love to read autobiographies and this will likely be my favorite class this semester. (Shh, I know, it’s nerdy, don’t tell!)

Reason Numero Dos:  Today was my last official chance to sleep in and I was finally able to sleep in until the late hour of 9:30 AM, It’s almost like I’m a college student that slept away half the day, oh wait…I am. I should really work on sleeping past nine for the coming weekends.

Banana Blueberry Fro-yo with strawberries and TJ's PB nuggets.

Reason Numero Tres: My first grocery shopping trip to stock the fridge was filled with usual items, but I added two new products to the mix. All over the blogosphere healthy living bloggers rave about the Trader Joe’s Peanut Butter filled Pretzel Nuggets; thee nuggets have been referred to as “crack,” so it became necessary I try them at least once. Mmmm, you bloggers weren’t kidding. These little nuggets are, indeed, delicious. I even smuggled a couple in to the mall to throw on top of my fro-yo today, and it was a blissfully wise decision. My other new purchase was a jar of The Bee’s Knees from PB&CO PB.The only other PB flavor I’ve sampled from them is Dark Chocolate Dreams (I am down to my last tablespoon!) and this flavor was also very good. I will continue to be partial to the Dark Chocolate variety because it is so flavorful, and I love chocolate, but the Bee’s Knees was not a let down. I smothered my english muffin with the creamy spread and a dollop of raspberry jam for a sweet and satisfying evening meal.

The no salt added variety, it is still delicious as the normal variety, but not nearly as addicting!
I think you need a closer look, much better.

The other peanut butter that stole my heart.

Pairing it with my raspberry jelly is a highly encouraged and splendid decision.

After chatting with friends all afternoon and continuing to organize my room I am ready for a quiet evening before my 7:00 am alarm. I think I’ll sit down and crack open Full Moon at Noontide, I am that nerdy. It’s technically a novel and not a textbook so I’m not really starting homework before it’s due.

What’s your nerdy habit?


3 thoughts on “Life. Is. Good.

  1. Ah! trader joe’s!!! you are so lucky!! we don’t have those here in Vancouver BC and i love everything INCLUDING those peanut butter pretzels 😦 last time i got a bag given to me and i swore i’d make it last a few days only to watch it all go within a few days ='( *sniff* i gotta go down to seattle and get some more 😦

    By the way, love your cute smile 🙂

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