Ode to Eggs

Whether you be…

Poached, Fried, Scrambled, Zapped, Boiled or Dropped,

I love each preparation equally.

Sunny Side Up!

A Handful of spinach, a pinch of cheese, a dash of garlic salt, and topped with salsa

I’m energized and roaring to go.

Soft Boiled Love

Monday and Friday mornings I’m lightning speed, folding towels and answering phones.

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, I attentively take notes satisfied by my morning feast.

Bee Bim Bop Bliss

Eggs, my dear eggs, I adore you and pray that you feel same.




Let’s keep this good thing going.

Banana Oats, We'll meet again, in the evening.





-I do love my rolled oats too, but they just don’t fill me up and energize me the same as my trusty old eggs. And, oats sandwiched between english muffin halves with cheese doesn’t sound nearly as appetizing as my current breaky sandwich. Oats will have a place in my heart, but at the opposite 9:00. 9:00 pm is the perfect time to curl up with warm oats in this weather.






How do you feel about eggs?


What I Ate Wednesday- Lots o Curry

It’s Wednesday! I have grown to love Wednesdays because it is one of my two sleep in days during the week. Saturday I have dance rehearsal in the morning and can’t sleep in then, so Sunday and Wednesday are my go-to catch up on sleep day. It is also a lovely day for catching up on homework that I haven’t finished or have forgotten about.

Next week is a doozy, I have two papers due and then the following week I have two exams. It it a telling sign that midterms annnnnd Fall Break are near! This year my parents are visiting for a portion and the rest of it will be spent catching up on readings ( I have to read 15 mini autobiographies) and relaxing on campus. I may even get my cooking on and whip up a casserole/lasagna/anything freezable to prepare the remainder of the semester!

Now, on to the eats!

Breakfast:  It has been cold, windy, and rainy here, but what’s new? The wind was so strong on Sunday that I was being pushed sideways, as were the trees and telephone poles. To stay warm that morning I heated up a banana and peanut butter and made my way to class.
Photoless-But here is a recent grocery haul! I am a Honey Crisp apple convert and Strawberry Chobani!  Plus great deal on Buy 1 get 1 Free English Muffins [FTW]

Lunch:   I am back on my curry kick! Curried oats topped with an egg was part one of my lunch. I cooked my oats with curry, dry mustard, cumin, and chili powder. Can you say yum?

Curried oatmeal, don't knock it till you try it!

Snack:  Clif Bar! Chocolate Almond Fudge, slightly warmed in the microwave. Nice and filling. I believe that either green tea or a decaf latte was also consumed at some point.

Slightly warmed in the microwave. Nom.


Dinner:  After a house event some girls and I headed out in search of some mexican food! (It was dinner number 2 for me, but one can never turn down authentic cuisine, or as authentic as it can be in T-town.)
I am obsessed with taco salads and this one was a monster! Chicken, Avocado, Tomatoes, and Verde Salsa! It lasted me 2.5 meals.

Gotta love Mexican portion sizes, one size fits all. Large.

It was also recently my Big’s 21st birthday, we celebrated by hitting up the local Fro-yo joint, Gibson’s. Yes, I already have a full punch card there. My bowl is brownie bits, sprinkles, cool mint, cheesecake/tart swirl. Deliciousness.

-Now, I’m off to learn about health theory models and interpersonal relationships. Wish me luck!

Celebrated my Big's B-day w/ a Fro-Yo outing

Mooching- College Style

Now, I’m not sure if this has been mentioned previously, but I am without a meal plan this year, a rarity on our campus. At this point in time I also have to wait until Saturday to make time for grocery shopping. We have little variety in our fridge, one can only consume so many greek yogurt/ Bees Knees quesadillas.(These things are not pretty and I am saving your eyes from a picture.)

These are pictures from today and a mish-mash throughout the week.

What’s a student to do??!!

Mooch off of the department BBQs, of course!

Econ BBQ. Is this legit or what?

All of the departments on campus hold a BBQ during a two week time frame, anyone in the department or those interested in the major are welcome to attend. Anyone looking for free food is also welcomed wholeheartedly by the professors. Yesterday, I attended my communication studies BBQ. I had a delicious veggie burger, soda, and cookie! I also attended a lecture in the library and managed to knab a cookie from the refreshment table before other students devoured the goodies. Two points! I only bought/made one meal yesterday. #WIN

Essay fuel. Blueberry fritter and Mango iced tea.

Today, the economics department hosted their BBQ and volleyball match. I tagged along with my friend and loaded up my plate once more with a veggie burger and the fixings. We then watched as the students took on the econ professors, it was more than slightly entertaining. Who knew that the old(er) men were so athletically gifted at volleyball?! Despite their talents, the students still won 2 of the 3 games.

Dining hall panini! Provolone, pesto, chicken, on ciabata bread. Nom.

As I head home to change and hit the gym for a short run I passed by an event drawing to a close, it focused on food of different religions. #Suchluck! I got the last couple bites of a meatless bulgar meatball (Happy tastebuds! I wish I knew what it was made of…) and then finally proceeded to make it home.

My post dinner-dinner. Plus a piece of carrot cake, courtesy de padres, a chocolate square and some Fiber One.

The soup is from V8, it’s the Butternut Squash variety. Oh.My.God. Why did I wait 3 weeks to open this?? This is my new favorite soup, it’s full of the fall spirit! If only it came in quantities larger than two servings per box…#foodielove

Tomorrow I work 8-11:30, it won’t be as exciting as last week, they ordered in lunch in honor of my Birthday! This was the spread!

Office Love.
Spring roll, Garlic Veggies and Chicken, Crab wonton, and peanut sauce. Rice on the side.

My Feel Good Friday:

I’m finally back in the groove of school. I more or less have a routine and that is highly important to my functioning. The following picture is from drinks out last weekend with a friend. She is hardcore and ordered a whiskey drink and I asked for something sweet. He presented us with these! The shots followed later and were a present in honor of my recent birthday. Best shots ever, probably because I could taste pineapple. Mmm…

My fruit roll-up and friend's drink, the name escapes me. With courtesy shots from the bartender, in honor of my birthday. I believe they are called Sexy Alligator.

Happy Friday! Enjoy your week and keep holding on to summer! I’m sure we have a few more days left of sunshine. The weather here has been strangely humid…

WIAW- Wordless Ed.

School is as busy as ever, I know that most of you are in the same boat. I am attempting to update at least twice a week, but you’ve seen how that’s been going.

Here is a mix of pictures from Ke$ha, my 21st Birthday, and some eats!

Double caffeine! Green tea, Latte, and my friend's lab goggles. It was a study day!
Pasta, pureed cauliflower, spinach and cayenne pepper!
Studying in S-bucks for one long afternoon. Caramel Macchiato for the win!
Pre-Ke$ha's entrance!
Balloons falling mid-show. Uh-mazing!
More of the group. We were all glittery!
Birthday Quesadilla! Caramelized onions, mushrooms, and mexi cheese blend!
Birthday love!
Very first drink!
Most of the birthday group!
Birthday twins! We share the same b-day! Malibu and Pineapple juice for me!

Have a Happy Hump Day!

And remember, somewhere in the world, it’s already Happy Hour!

21 and Oh, so Fine!

Birthday breakfast! Sadly, the end of my DCD.

The morning of my birthday I fueled up with some overnighters, my evening held big plans for me to celebrate turning 21!

Birthday lunch. Red leaf and Spinach salad. Turkey breast, honey tofu, and carrots.

Insert 3 straight hours of class and then lunchtime arrived. I gobbled down this salad while enjoying the company of my Big and Little. Both know me so well, I received chocolate from them both, a White Chocolate with Lemon Zest bar and Hazelnut Dark Chocolate. Neither bar  lasted long enough to be photographed, whoops!

Immediately following lunch I endured a three hour long class and barely focused while anticipating my dinner plans and late evening plans. I enjoyed a turkey burger with a pal and we then headed to my house and I opened the present from my parent’s.

Ahhh! George Foreman Grill for my Birthday! Thank you, Mom and Dad!

Yeah, I am more than mildly excited. I forsee paninis, fish, and quesadillas in my future. Our house is even in talks of doing a theme dinner revolving around the grill, it is a huge hit! (The crown was a gift from another friend, I was required to wear it in the bar for at least one picture, don’t worry, it happened!)

I managed to do some reading and get ready before my friends and I set out to hit a couple of bars. (It’s so weird that I can even say this! I am feeling so grown-up…not old, just grow-up.)

Homemade Carrot Cake overnighted from my parents!

If my parents aren’t cool enough already for getting me my the grill, they also mailed this cake! My housemates and I have snacked on this the past 4 days, we give it two thumbs up!

Final drink of the birthday. Malibu and Pineapple juice.

This was my last drink of the night, but my first was a gin and tonic and it is now in my top three favorite drinks! The Malibu and pineapple is very sweet and took an extended amount of time to finish. I believe I was even helped with the final few sips. We made it home by 1:00 ( my first class wasn’t until 11:00 am the next day) and I proceeded to pass out from my exhausting day.

The next morning one of my dear friends surprised me with breakfast!

Morning after 21st birthday breakfast.

We’ve got a non-fat latte, raisin bran muffin, banana, and coconut water. No, I wasn’t terribly hungover, but if in case I had been, my electrolytes and potassium levels would have been back to normal levels and satisfied! It was the perfect breakfast before my individual fitness class and I was properly fueled!

I have other pictures on a different camera that I want to share, but I need the cord to upload the lot! When my busy schedule allows, I will add more images for your enjoyment.

My Feel-Good Friday Moment this week all revolved around my birthday and my wonderful friends!

Have a great weekend!

Friday Eats

Now that I have been back in school almost a full week I have started to figure out quick meals and snacks. I tend to graze because all of my classes are at least  an hour and a half, the other class is three hours. We have two breaks during the class and everyone runs to our dining hall for food during the second break. 3:30-6:30 pm, this class tests your endurance. That time of day is my normal siesta time, so caffeine is essential to maintain concentration. The first week I tried coffee to sustain me during the class and it was successful and this week I tested a Diet Coke. The coffee was a clear winner between the two stimulants.

It's decaf, but still highly effective!


The Soft Baked Cinnamon Roll Life Bars have also been a recent lifesaver for my three hour blocks of class.

I have recently become a fan of deli turkey roll-ups with mustard, pickle, and sometimes Laughing Cow Cheese in the center for quick on the go snacks. I’ve been pairing this with carrots and hummus.

Tortillas with a layer of PB &CO Bees Knees and banana slightly warmed to meld the flavors is also a delicious (and quiet snack) I’ve taken to class, very comforting and satisfying.

Finally, the trusty ol’ banana and PB is an energizing and delicious combination. You can even add some almond milk to the PB and whip it to make a paste and stretch the use of your favorite PB.

Whipped Bee's Knees PB w/ Almond Milk and a Banana for dipping. Yum!


I’ve been relying on bagged salads, quick steam able veggies, and tofu for dinner. Occasionally I’ve thawed out some pre-grilled chicken from home, but our freezer is so full it is more of  struggle to search for the chicken than chop up the tofu.

Peanut Sauce, BBQ Sauce, Mustard, and Hummus have been frequent players in my condiment line-up. All of those can provide intense flavor with very little addition.

Teriyaki Tofu salad with shrooms, cherry tomatos and carrots.

Yams have also been easy to heat up and eat for quick energy and pairing it with a morning star patty makes for a complete meal.

Mixed Veggies, Tofu, Peanut Sauce, and Tortilla.

Also, I realize it is Feel-Good Friday! My Feel-Good Moments from the week include:

  • Finding my lost ID card and being able to eat campus food again!
  • Early morning walk to Old Town with a friend, it led to an energizing day.
  • Eating lunches and dinners outside with friends and still catching up on our summer activities.

This isn’t usually part of FFG, but things I’m looking forward to!

  • Seeing Ke$ha with my friends tomorrow! Should be a crazy concert!
  • Shopping for fruit and veggies at the Farmer’s Market tomorrow.
  • The final 4 days until my 21st Birthday and I will finally get to open the present sitting on my floor!

  • 4 more days of suspense!

    What are your go-to 10 minute dinners?
    How did you celebrate your recent birthday?

Busy, Busy!

Hey Blogger Friends!

Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about you! School is officially in full swing and after an amazing hike on Mt. Rainier last weekend I am catching up on a large amount of homework. I promise you a full post after I attend the Ke$ha concert this weekend and after celebrating my 21st birthday a week from today!

Enjoy the rest of your week!

I’ll leave you with these two quotes.

[This is definitely true, my friends and I tested this theory out last week.]


Thirsty Thursday [Enchilada]

Last night  one of my roomies and I finally set out to make a real meal that we could stretch over the course of a couple days. Enchiladas! We created half black bean and half chicken enchiladas with a mild enchilada sauce. This dinner was inspired by the recipe in Mama Pea’s cookbook (which I recently acquired!! Yeah!)

My camera has been M.I.A. ever since the move from my apartment to back to school and my pictures will be from my trusty iphone until further notice. Tragic.

Without further ado here was our enchilada recipe:

Easy Enchiladas:

1 30 oz can green enchilada sauce
Half of a can of black beans
10 corn tortillas
2 chicken tenders chopped in pieces
Chili Powder
Green Pepper
1)Preheat oven to 350. In a frying pan cook bell pepper and chicken for approximately 8 minutes. Add onions and continue until everything is thoroughly cooked.
2) Season the chicken with spices to taste.
3) Warm tortillas in microwave (this helps to reduce crumbling as you fold them to put in your pyrex)
4) Pour a portion of enchilada sauce to cover the bottom of your prex for baking.
5) Fill 5 tortillas with the chicken mixture and the other 5 with black beans. We added onions and pepper to our black beans as well.
6) Shred cheese over the top of folded enchiladas (seam side down in pan)
7) Pour remaining sauce over enchiladas and any extra veggies to roast.
8) Bake for 13-18 minutes.

Semi Successful Enchiladas- just as good warmed up the next day.

We had enough for two each that night and then remaining enchiladas for lunch and dinner for the days to come. After tomorrow the extras will be thrown in the freezer for a delicious emergency meal. The key to eating tasty and healthy food while in school is preparing in advance! We’ve found, aside from breakfast, if we want something to taste good it is necessary to prep it prior to feeding time.

C lasses are already in full swing on day 4 and I know the library and I will be reacquainted quickly. Hope your week is going well, it is almost the weekend, and a holiday weekend at that! My afternoon plan consists of a decaf latte and quick 30 minutes on the elliptical plus a couple of intervals on the treadmill. After that workout the library and I will finally be reacquainted.

Almond AND Vanilla latte. Perfect pick-me-up.