Friday Eats

Now that I have been back in school almost a full week I have started to figure out quick meals and snacks. I tend to graze because all of my classes are at least  an hour and a half, the other class is three hours. We have two breaks during the class and everyone runs to our dining hall for food during the second break. 3:30-6:30 pm, this class tests your endurance. That time of day is my normal siesta time, so caffeine is essential to maintain concentration. The first week I tried coffee to sustain me during the class and it was successful and this week I tested a Diet Coke. The coffee was a clear winner between the two stimulants.

It's decaf, but still highly effective!


The Soft Baked Cinnamon Roll Life Bars have also been a recent lifesaver for my three hour blocks of class.

I have recently become a fan of deli turkey roll-ups with mustard, pickle, and sometimes Laughing Cow Cheese in the center for quick on the go snacks. I’ve been pairing this with carrots and hummus.

Tortillas with a layer of PB &CO Bees Knees and banana slightly warmed to meld the flavors is also a delicious (and quiet snack) I’ve taken to class, very comforting and satisfying.

Finally, the trusty ol’ banana and PB is an energizing and delicious combination. You can even add some almond milk to the PB and whip it to make a paste and stretch the use of your favorite PB.

Whipped Bee's Knees PB w/ Almond Milk and a Banana for dipping. Yum!


I’ve been relying on bagged salads, quick steam able veggies, and tofu for dinner. Occasionally I’ve thawed out some pre-grilled chicken from home, but our freezer is so full it is more of  struggle to search for the chicken than chop up the tofu.

Peanut Sauce, BBQ Sauce, Mustard, and Hummus have been frequent players in my condiment line-up. All of those can provide intense flavor with very little addition.

Teriyaki Tofu salad with shrooms, cherry tomatos and carrots.

Yams have also been easy to heat up and eat for quick energy and pairing it with a morning star patty makes for a complete meal.

Mixed Veggies, Tofu, Peanut Sauce, and Tortilla.

Also, I realize it is Feel-Good Friday! My Feel-Good Moments from the week include:

  • Finding my lost ID card and being able to eat campus food again!
  • Early morning walk to Old Town with a friend, it led to an energizing day.
  • Eating lunches and dinners outside with friends and still catching up on our summer activities.

This isn’t usually part of FFG, but things I’m looking forward to!

  • Seeing Ke$ha with my friends tomorrow! Should be a crazy concert!
  • Shopping for fruit and veggies at the Farmer’s Market tomorrow.
  • The final 4 days until my 21st Birthday and I will finally get to open the present sitting on my floor!

  • 4 more days of suspense!

    What are your go-to 10 minute dinners?
    How did you celebrate your recent birthday?


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