21 and Oh, so Fine!

Birthday breakfast! Sadly, the end of my DCD.

The morning of my birthday I fueled up with some overnighters, my evening held big plans for me to celebrate turning 21!

Birthday lunch. Red leaf and Spinach salad. Turkey breast, honey tofu, and carrots.

Insert 3 straight hours of class and then lunchtime arrived. I gobbled down this salad while enjoying the company of my Big and Little. Both know me so well, I received chocolate from them both, a White Chocolate with Lemon Zest bar and Hazelnut Dark Chocolate. Neither bar  lasted long enough to be photographed, whoops!

Immediately following lunch I endured a three hour long class and barely focused while anticipating my dinner plans and late evening plans. I enjoyed a turkey burger with a pal and we then headed to my house and I opened the present from my parent’s.

Ahhh! George Foreman Grill for my Birthday! Thank you, Mom and Dad!

Yeah, I am more than mildly excited. I forsee paninis, fish, and quesadillas in my future. Our house is even in talks of doing a theme dinner revolving around the grill, it is a huge hit! (The crown was a gift from another friend, I was required to wear it in the bar for at least one picture, don’t worry, it happened!)

I managed to do some reading and get ready before my friends and I set out to hit a couple of bars. (It’s so weird that I can even say this! I am feeling so grown-up…not old, just grow-up.)

Homemade Carrot Cake overnighted from my parents!

If my parents aren’t cool enough already for getting me my the grill, they also mailed this cake! My housemates and I have snacked on this the past 4 days, we give it two thumbs up!

Final drink of the birthday. Malibu and Pineapple juice.

This was my last drink of the night, but my first was a gin and tonic and it is now in my top three favorite drinks! The Malibu and pineapple is very sweet and took an extended amount of time to finish. I believe I was even helped with the final few sips. We made it home by 1:00 ( my first class wasn’t until 11:00 am the next day) and I proceeded to pass out from my exhausting day.

The next morning one of my dear friends surprised me with breakfast!

Morning after 21st birthday breakfast.

We’ve got a non-fat latte, raisin bran muffin, banana, and coconut water. No, I wasn’t terribly hungover, but if in case I had been, my electrolytes and potassium levels would have been back to normal levels and satisfied! It was the perfect breakfast before my individual fitness class and I was properly fueled!

I have other pictures on a different camera that I want to share, but I need the cord to upload the lot! When my busy schedule allows, I will add more images for your enjoyment.

My Feel-Good Friday Moment this week all revolved around my birthday and my wonderful friends!

Have a great weekend!


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