Mooching- College Style

Now, I’m not sure if this has been mentioned previously, but I am without a meal plan this year, a rarity on our campus. At this point in time I also have to wait until Saturday to make time for grocery shopping. We have little variety in our fridge, one can only consume so many greek yogurt/ Bees Knees quesadillas.(These things are not pretty and I am saving your eyes from a picture.)

These are pictures from today and a mish-mash throughout the week.

What’s a student to do??!!

Mooch off of the department BBQs, of course!

Econ BBQ. Is this legit or what?

All of the departments on campus hold a BBQ during a two week time frame, anyone in the department or those interested in the major are welcome to attend. Anyone looking for free food is also welcomed wholeheartedly by the professors. Yesterday, I attended my communication studies BBQ. I had a delicious veggie burger, soda, and cookie! I also attended a lecture in the library and managed to knab a cookie from the refreshment table before other students devoured the goodies. Two points! I only bought/made one meal yesterday. #WIN

Essay fuel. Blueberry fritter and Mango iced tea.

Today, the economics department hosted their BBQ and volleyball match. I tagged along with my friend and loaded up my plate once more with a veggie burger and the fixings. We then watched as the students took on the econ professors, it was more than slightly entertaining. Who knew that the old(er) men were so athletically gifted at volleyball?! Despite their talents, the students still won 2 of the 3 games.

Dining hall panini! Provolone, pesto, chicken, on ciabata bread. Nom.

As I head home to change and hit the gym for a short run I passed by an event drawing to a close, it focused on food of different religions. #Suchluck! I got the last couple bites of a meatless bulgar meatball (Happy tastebuds! I wish I knew what it was made of…) and then finally proceeded to make it home.

My post dinner-dinner. Plus a piece of carrot cake, courtesy de padres, a chocolate square and some Fiber One.

The soup is from V8, it’s the Butternut Squash variety. Oh.My.God. Why did I wait 3 weeks to open this?? This is my new favorite soup, it’s full of the fall spirit! If only it came in quantities larger than two servings per box…#foodielove

Tomorrow I work 8-11:30, it won’t be as exciting as last week, they ordered in lunch in honor of my Birthday! This was the spread!

Office Love.
Spring roll, Garlic Veggies and Chicken, Crab wonton, and peanut sauce. Rice on the side.

My Feel Good Friday:

I’m finally back in the groove of school. I more or less have a routine and that is highly important to my functioning. The following picture is from drinks out last weekend with a friend. She is hardcore and ordered a whiskey drink and I asked for something sweet. He presented us with these! The shots followed later and were a present in honor of my recent birthday. Best shots ever, probably because I could taste pineapple. Mmm…

My fruit roll-up and friend's drink, the name escapes me. With courtesy shots from the bartender, in honor of my birthday. I believe they are called Sexy Alligator.

Happy Friday! Enjoy your week and keep holding on to summer! I’m sure we have a few more days left of sunshine. The weather here has been strangely humid…


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