What I Ate Wednesday- Lots o Curry

It’s Wednesday! I have grown to love Wednesdays because it is one of my two sleep in days during the week. Saturday I have dance rehearsal in the morning and can’t sleep in then, so Sunday and Wednesday are my go-to catch up on sleep day. It is also a lovely day for catching up on homework that I haven’t finished or have forgotten about.

Next week is a doozy, I have two papers due and then the following week I have two exams. It it a telling sign that midterms annnnnd Fall Break are near! This year my parents are visiting for a portion and the rest of it will be spent catching up on readings ( I have to read 15 mini autobiographies) and relaxing on campus. I may even get my cooking on and whip up a casserole/lasagna/anything freezable to prepare the remainder of the semester!

Now, on to the eats!

Breakfast:  It has been cold, windy, and rainy here, but what’s new? The wind was so strong on Sunday that I was being pushed sideways, as were the trees and telephone poles. To stay warm that morning I heated up a banana and peanut butter and made my way to class.
Photoless-But here is a recent grocery haul! I am a Honey Crisp apple convert and Strawberry Chobani!  Plus great deal on Buy 1 get 1 Free English Muffins [FTW]

Lunch:   I am back on my curry kick! Curried oats topped with an egg was part one of my lunch. I cooked my oats with curry, dry mustard, cumin, and chili powder. Can you say yum?

Curried oatmeal, don't knock it till you try it!

Snack:  Clif Bar! Chocolate Almond Fudge, slightly warmed in the microwave. Nice and filling. I believe that either green tea or a decaf latte was also consumed at some point.

Slightly warmed in the microwave. Nom.


Dinner:  After a house event some girls and I headed out in search of some mexican food! (It was dinner number 2 for me, but one can never turn down authentic cuisine, or as authentic as it can be in T-town.)
I am obsessed with taco salads and this one was a monster! Chicken, Avocado, Tomatoes, and Verde Salsa! It lasted me 2.5 meals.

Gotta love Mexican portion sizes, one size fits all. Large.

It was also recently my Big’s 21st birthday, we celebrated by hitting up the local Fro-yo joint, Gibson’s. Yes, I already have a full punch card there. My bowl is brownie bits, sprinkles, cool mint, cheesecake/tart swirl. Deliciousness.

-Now, I’m off to learn about health theory models and interpersonal relationships. Wish me luck!

Celebrated my Big's B-day w/ a Fro-Yo outing

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