Ode to Eggs

Whether you be…

Poached, Fried, Scrambled, Zapped, Boiled or Dropped,

I love each preparation equally.

Sunny Side Up!

A Handful of spinach, a pinch of cheese, a dash of garlic salt, and topped with salsa

I’m energized and roaring to go.

Soft Boiled Love

Monday and Friday mornings I’m lightning speed, folding towels and answering phones.

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, I attentively take notes satisfied by my morning feast.

Bee Bim Bop Bliss

Eggs, my dear eggs, I adore you and pray that you feel same.




Let’s keep this good thing going.

Banana Oats, We'll meet again, in the evening.





-I do love my rolled oats too, but they just don’t fill me up and energize me the same as my trusty old eggs. And, oats sandwiched between english muffin halves with cheese doesn’t sound nearly as appetizing as my current breaky sandwich. Oats will have a place in my heart, but at the opposite 9:00. 9:00 pm is the perfect time to curl up with warm oats in this weather.






How do you feel about eggs?


3 thoughts on “Ode to Eggs

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  2. John Schindelar

    This is a very well written site. Michelle must have had some very good teachers in McMinnville.

    My wife and I also love eggs. We have an egg poacher from long ago and it works perfectly. Before I turn the poacher on I put fresh chives, shredded cheese, salt and pepper on the eggs. I like mine over whole grain bread from Red Fox bakery in McMinnville. Joan likes hers over sourdough.

    AAAHHH! with a hot cup of coffee!

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