Fall Break Fun- Parent Edition

Why, hello there, long time no post!

It really has been ages since I’ve had any remote time to put something together for this, even though I have desperately wanted to post something! First projects and papers were assigned, and then midterms sneakily crept up on me, but now it is FALL BREAK! The last two days I have been essentially free from all homework obligations, PRAISE THE LORD! Okay, that’s a lie, I had one group project meeting, but other than that my parents have visited and we became as touristy as possible.

Living in the library...

You may say the most touristy thing to do in Seattle is Pike’s Place Market, sorry, but you my dear are mistaken. You seemed to have forgotten about Ride The Duck! You betchya, we rode the duck! Of course the night before we rode the duck we ate and celebrated the one month anniversary of my 21st birthday! (Yes, I am milking this birthday for as much as it’s worth.) We also killed two birds with one stone because I am a writer for the school paper, (Arts and Entertainment!) I seek out happy hours and restaurants to write reviews, with parents in town I had ample opportunities to experiment with new restaurants. We hit up Shenanigans for happy hour half price drinks and entrees.


We started with a Seafood Dip that came with crostini for dipping and it was absolutely delicious. The portion was very generous at the happy hour half price and my father and I went to town on that dip leaving only one or two bites left. It is a good thing my mom is not fond of seafood, she would have needed a stick to beat us away from that dip.

Huge! No?

Our first round of drinks arrived simultaneously with the appetizer, a mojito, lemon drop, and glass of red wine. The mojito and lemon drop were both tasty, but being happy hour the alcohol content was noticeably less than normal (being a small person this meant I could finish my drink and have another if wanted and still be levelheaded). Despite the alcohol content discrepancy we were satisfied and a 100 calorie Long Island Ice Tea was ordered that my mom and I both tasted. It didn’t taste like a normal Long Island Ice Tea, the use of crystal light and a diet soda were prominent flavors in the drink and we left it mostly full.

Welcome to The Bar.
Happy Hour!

We followed up our appetizer with the early bird dinner option (it was past 6 at this point, but apparently being seated early still allowed us this option). My mom ordered the Chicken Fettucini Alfredo with a small salad ($13.95) and my Dad ordered the Grilled Salmon and a small salad ($13.95) off the early bird menu. I was craving pot stickers and ordered the special Duck Pot Stickers with three dipping sauces and nibbled off their plates.

Padre's Salmon
The Duck stuffed potstickers
Chicken Alfredo with bell peppers and carmelied onions. Mmmm

As a surprise my Dad brought from home a bottle of wine as old as me! We toasted and enjoyed our entrees. The portions were very generous and well executed for the price. Just as we were finishing up dinner the waitress surprised us with a HUGE Mocha Ice cream Cake in honor of my birthday. Oh.My.Goodness. I know that you are salivating looking at this picture and if you didn’t notice the hot fudge on the side before, now you are definitely drooling over this cake.

21 year old wine and chica!
Best. Birthday Cake Ever!


That is Part 1 of 3 of my Fall Break!


Happy Monday!



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