Almost Home!

Just thought I’d pop in and take a break from the various essays, projects, readings, and articles I’m writing for a breather. School is in the final chute, we can now see the finish line and due dates are coming at us at full speed. The past couple of weeks, or month in general has been crazy at school. In between my computer crashing, losing various house/car/room keys, in addition to everyday homework I have found myself more stressed than any other semester (and I’m not even in a math class!) I blame most of this on the two weeks without a laptop.
Prior to losing my laptop I never realized how extremely dependent on technology we have become as a society. Teachers rarely print out assignments, everything is posted online, meetings are scheduled via e-mail which we are expected to check at least twice a day to stay informed, and nothing handwritten is ever allowed to be turned in as a final; my handwriting, reminiscent of chicken scratch at times the typed only rule is an understandable rule. If you have a computer and printer at home and time to be at home these are not difficult expectations, but once a computer dies getting work done becomes an excruciating task. I am not one to sit in the library past 11:00 on evenings, I would rather continue my work in my room once it becomes late and  enjoying the convenience of shutting my laptop and curling up in bed within seconds of finishing. (EDIT: This was written a week ago)

After a few hundred dollars of repair my laptop has returned and here I am laying in bed listening to the Glee version of Jar of Hearts, able to relax and curl up in a moment. Here are a few pictures from various events that have happened recently.

3 Blind Mice!
Before the sorority Winter Dance
Sassy Jazz costumes for our campus performance

 I’m so excited for Thanksgiving and the chance to go home! Only one exam and some mini papers between me and my train departure! I can already taste the cranberry sauce…yum!


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