Fall Break- Part 3

Wait, didn’t I just write about Thanksgiving? Why yes, yes I did. But, I promised you a post on Fall Break part 3 the Leavenworth and Cabin addition. I am not one to intentionally break promises, at one some point in time I will take steps to ensure that I fulfill my promise.

Without further ado….Fall Break Part 3!

The drive to the cabin was fueled by Venti Starbuck’s Drinks, Pike Place Market Doughnut Holes, and Delightful Conversation. [Brace yourselves: I’m off on a tangent.] These are in all capital letters because I believe that they are proper nouns, at least for today. Delightful Conversation is something that is of the utmost importance and should occur frequently in life for our mental well being.  Recent example: The place: Nordstrom’s Rack. The time: 2:00pm Black Friday. The person: Frazzled Male Cashier. I simply asked him how his day was and if he was lucky enough to be near the end of his shift (his energy levels appeared low), surprisingly he was just beginning his shift. His mood took a 360, it was as if no one had ever spoken to him before; his autopilot shut off and the brief two minute interaction brought him back to life. This was not a deep philosophical conversation by any means, I simply asked a question which didn’t have a memorized social script. The attempt at Delightful Conversation simply allowed him to be his own person while working his uniform job. I wish that you all have Delightful Conversation this week. It will make your day and the other person’s day. [End tangent.]

Venti- Rooibos and Vanilla Tea. Mmmm, yes, it IS the size of my head.
REST STOP! Free goodies and place to REFILL my Venti cup. Yeah, I had 1.5 cups, no big deal.
Posing in the most refined manner with our goodies.
The dock at the cabin, the view gave us the chills, it was that beautiful. Or maybe it was the icy wind and water?
Relaxing on thewater. Mmhmm, I took the picture lying down, my legs are in the way.
Kodak Moment.
Leavenworth- Bratwurst! Pre-mustard disaster 2011.

Story: You think “Oh, it only happens in the movies.” False. Ketchup squirts out in a perfect zig and zag, I then reach for the mustard. Squeeze. Nothing but air escapes the bottle. Shake, shake, squeeze. Nada. I then proceed to look into the eye  of the bottle and lightly squeeze the bottle. A yellow stream of mustard FLYS from the spout! My cheek, nose, and eyebrow are covered in a fluorescent gooey condiment, not too mention my purple sweater. There is no disguising this mishap. Leavenworth 2011, Some Regrets.

The rest of the table went for the French Dip and Au Jus. No condiment mishaps for them.
Action shot in town.
Leavworth felt like the Germany portion of Epcot. Surreal is completely accurate.
Fifty Niner Diner. I never thought the words pit stop and cute could be used in same sentence until this place. Cutest pit stop.

We played card games, swam, hot tubbed, cooked and vegged. Adventuring around a pond, searching for salmon in said pond, and swaying like a tree in the wind were only a few events that occupied our time. The drive is gorgeous, the town is cute, cell phone reception is sparse, and the vacation aspect is alive. Visit Leavenworth. Do it.

Chase birds, eat bratwurst, but most importantly go with companions that that will provide Delightful Conversation.


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