1022 South [Bar Review]

For a recent assignment for my school paper a couple of friends and I headed down to a unique bar to review. Here’s the article I wrote. Enjoy!

As you step in the door of 1022 South you are immediately transported out of Tacoma and into a trendy Manhattan style bar.  The room is illuminated by dim overhead lamps that spill over light from the bar itself. A large chalkboard displays happy hour drinks for the evening in a fine cursive script.

For those of you unfamiliar with this hidden treasure, 1022 South is a bar that belongs in a category all its own.

Dana Zillgit, one of my dining companions, described the bar as a “classy hole in the wall with a hip vibe.”

Drinks are infused with jasmine, ginger soda, lavender, coconut and agave to name a few. The drinks are categorized as Literary, Classics and Apothecary.

The Literary list incorporates Drunken Boat (black strap rum, ginger liqueur, home made ginger beer, flamed angostura bitters) and PDX (genever, grapefruit, honey and sparkling wine).

The Classics section includes 1022 Old Fashioned (bourbon, orange oil, saffron/ cardamom bitters) and if you’re adventurous 1022 Corpse Reviver (gin, lemon, honey, Cocchi Americano, cayenne, absinthe.)

The third category, Apothecary, includes a  Lavender Cocktail (vodka, lavender, lemon, coconut) and a Matcha Cocktail (rum agricole, matcha infused agave, M.P. Roux and egg white), just a few of the inventive drinks on the menu.

Small plates ($5), salads ($8), paninis ($8) and sandwiches ($8) are also offered.


My dining companions and I opted for a traditional martini, lavender cocktail, White Vulture and Liza Island, the latter two being specials for the evening and offered for a reasonable five dollars.

Although the drinks are largely in the $10 price range, you get what you pay for, and that, my friends, is quality.

My white wine infused with lemongrass and ginger beer was one of the best drinks I have had at a bar. It was bubbly, it was sweet, and it was smooth—need I say more?

The other special of the night was just as spectacular. The Liza Island is concocted with Vodka, liqueur 43, orange and ginger beer. Dana’s drink was just as smooth, faintly sweet and bubbly, a cousin to my own drink.

Our table ordered two entrees to munch on while we chatted, a small plate Winter Caprese salad (fresh mozzarella, beets, fresh basil, olive oil, balsamic reduction) and the roasted red pepper panini (blue rose chevre, roasted red pepper, red onion relish, balsamic reduction, fresh thyme).

The food was just as good, and while not as spectacular as their drinks, still appeasing to the appetite.

This chic bar is small with a single row of tables against one wall that is in addition to the bar seating. The arrangement of  tables provides an intimate atmosphere for a couple on a date or a hot spot for gossiping. Stop in for a quick drink and snacks with your friends next time you plan on going out with friends for a unique Tacoma experience.

1022 South is located on J st.  Open 4-11pm Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday-Thursday, 4-12am  Friday,Saturday,Sunday 4-2am and Happy Hour is everyday 4-8 pm.


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