2011 in Review

2011 has been an eventful year! This blog only began in the summer but the months prior to the blog’s birth are valuable and deserve a place in the recap of the year!

A Few Firsts

  • Holding an iguana
  • Riding a horse
  • Living/cooking with a friend in an apartment
  • First concert

New Favorites

  • Eggs almost make a daily appearance in my day.
  • Almond Butter! On a spoon, in sandwich, with apples…it could be considered an obsession.
  • HITT intervals! I love being in and out of the gym fast with such a satisfactory feeling. It can’t be beat.
  • Foam Rolling. It’s a self massage, really, is there anything better than a massage? I think not.
Especially when in the Korean dish Bi Bim Bop.
Mixing almond butter and DCD= the best overnight oats.

The Discovery of

  • The show Community. We need to laugh everyday and this show is hilarious!
  • More like the (re)discovery of reading for fun, college makes us forget reading can be fun.
  • Trader Joes. Why was this place kept secret for so long? The Teriyaki baked tofu is amazing, great pre-made pizzas and salads, and great prices.
  • Yoga and pilates. Practicing mindfulness, living in the now, and minimizing constant worries. Plus the great advantage of core strength and flexibility.

    The maiden shopping trip to Safeway,TJ's, and Sundance

This is only the tip of the iceberg from 2011. I had exciting trips across country borders as wells as state and county lines. I made new friends, learned the lay of the land of a new campus, and city. I also spent more time driving in two months than I did in entirety of my life as a driver. This was my first summer not working in over four years and took full advantage of all my free time, but I did miss the extra income. 2012 will be another year full of opportunity and change. It’s time to start thinking about those resolutions and small changes that will make 2012 a fulfilling and fun year.


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