Yes, and…

That is the cardinal rule of improvisation. I’m currently finishing Tina Fey’s Bossypants and was reminded of this rule. In high school improvisation was an everyday event considering all the rehearsals I attended for the plays and musicals and my drama class, all that while dodging bullets between the catty high schoolers and acting “surprised” when you hear another girl was pregnant.
Verbal exchange:
“A girl?! Ooh, exciting!”
Non-verbal: *Crimeny! (*Helga’s catchphrase from Hey Arnold) She can’t actually be excited she’s pregnant, right?
Improvisation was used all day long, but we never realized. The yes, and rule is an all around positive and effective way to approach life.

“The cardinal rule of improv is “Yes…And”: Go along with whatever our partner says, then add to it. That seemed like a smart strategy for life was well as comedy.”

This statement resonates with me and is a great approach to the year 2012. It can lead to taking great risks (you only need 20 seconds of bravery for something great to happen [I hope you’ve seen We Bought A Zoo, run to your local cinema and catch it now if you haven’t yet]). Of course there are exceptions to every rule, but if used as a guideline this thought has tremendous potential. Inadvertently this could be considered a new year resolution, I always forget about those, I’ll call it a perspective change.

Tina Fey’s book is a quick, engaging, and thoughtfully written memoir. It’s relateable and allows insight into her life. I highly suggest borrowing or buying the book for your next leisure read.

*Let’s pretend this is a good transition*

My Winter Break has been sprinkled with yoga, shrimp salads, soup, french toast, breakfast, lunch, and coffee dates, with a dash of crafting, and a pinch of television watching (confession: a whole lot of television).

The best Cream of Broccoli Soup in town with fresh homemade bread.
The beginning of my inspirational collage.
Late to yoga= eating french toast and scrambled eggs off my lap while driving. Safe? No. Tasty? Yes.

My goals for 2012:

  • Follow the Yes, And…philosophy.
  • Take time to appreciate and/or write down positive experiences each day.
  • Log 700 miles walking/running/elliptical-ling. (If that wasn’t a word before it is now.)
  • Always a goal, Read more books for fun.

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