An Afternoon at the Theatre

My Winter Break ended with a rumble. Don’t worry, it was between the Jets and Sharks and all for the sake of love. Have you caught on yet? Maria? Tony? Okay, one more hint. The Puerto Rican girls feel pretty and witty and bright. Really? No idea?


West Side Story!

I received tickets to see the Broadway Tour of West Side Story for Christmas. In case you weren’t aware I’m a huge Broadway fiend, I love musicals, it’s a small obsession. Give me some good old singing and dancing any day of the week over a sci-fi movie or a drama. And, having the chance to experience a musical live is exponentially better than viewing it on DVD.

The show was phenomenal. The male dancers knew their steps and had obviously spent years perfecting their leaps and backflips.The girls were equally as skilled as the males. All the Puerto Rican’s sustained believable accents, at points their accents were so thick bits of dialogue were lost, it only minimally distracted from the story.

Maria and Tony’s voices were pure and near pitch perfect. Their voices blended well and their duets captivated the audience. My only complaint? Tony did not give the impression of being an ex-gang leader or for that matter, a current gang leader. He seemed soft in comparison to all other Tonys I’ve seen on film or other stage productions.

After the show the four of us headed out in search of an early dinner. We settled on Hueber’s. Stepping into the restaurant it feels like a step back in time. All the waiters and waitress’ are dressed in 20/30 time period uniform and the building itself feels historic. If the food hadn’t been good (which it was) the atmosphere was worth the meal.
This restaurant specializes in Thanksgiving themed dinners. If I had to guess, mmm 80% of their menu contains a turkey type dinner. But, fear not! Salads, soups, and seafood also grace the menu. Hueber’s is known for their Spanish Coffees and as we were all over the age of 21 decided to splurge on the drinks. Had I known how strong these were I’d have opted for a sip of one of my dining companions. These tasted like straight alcohol, I much prefer not being able to taste the liquor.

They look so innocent, but have quite the bite!

In addition to the Spanish Coffees we had an appetizer for the table. A broccoli and spinach dip with tortilla chips. Got to get our veggies in somehow, right?

Our already devoured dip.

For our entrees my three companions ordered various combinations of the Cobb Salad and Clam Chowder. I opted for a turkey dinner and spinach salad. To be exact, it was the Turkey Drumstick dinner. HUGE.

My HUGE turkey drumstick with all the fixings.

Now, please excuse me while I craft and scarf down cinnamon raisin bread and eggs; one last breakfast before the return to dining hall meals. Silver Lining? I don’t have to cook every meal for myself.

Psst…These are the images I’m starting with for my collage.

How are you/or did you end your vacation?


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